Monday’s Mission #127

Your mission this week is to think about something sexy to give him for Christmas this year. An erotic story? A sex toy for both of you? A sexy song list for the bedroom? Take pole dancing lessons? All kinds of ideas. Feel free to share yours. 🙂


  1. What a good idea! Maybe I will add a few homemade coupons in his stocking stuffers.

  2. Ok where on earth do you take pole dance lesson just curious I think hubby would love it if I could be brave enough to do it! I guess I could just watch Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies for pointers!!!!

  3. Last year, my husband bought me a new car shortly after Christmas. As one of his Christmas gifts and as a way of saying thank you, I bought a matching bra & panty set, with garters and stockings, that were the same color as the car (a deep red). I put the outfit in his Christmas stocking and laid it on his pillow for him to find. Needless to say, he loved it! 🙂

  4. my husband and I decided this year that from now on we’re going to give each other whatever sex toy we each want for Christmas and go out to a really nice romantic dinner so we can be geared up to use them when we get home!!!

  5. This year I’m getting red velvet lingerie with white trim…..classic and naughty. We’ll be spending Christmas Eve at my parent’s house and boy is he going to be surprised when we go to bed and he finds me dressed in that!!!! Just one way to make it even spicier for my man 🙂

  6. my husband and i started this a few years ago! we buy each other a toy and we have a special christmas stocking that we hang in our bedroom to put the toys in. it’s become a very fun tradition to open and try them out on christmas eve!!!

  7. It’s becoming very popular. Do a google search to see if they are offered anywhere in an near by community.

  8. My adult daughter just bought a pole and it came with a DVD lesson so she could learn in the privacy of her own home.

  9. I bought a sexy red plaid bra & panty set to wear on Christmas eve under my conservative long skirt & sweater. I’ll flash him right before we leave for the family dinner. I’m hoping to surprise him later with the Little Bit Deeper pillow I learned about here on C.N. or another aid for our aging bodies. The Liberator wedge/ramp combo looks great but might not be in this year’s budget.

  10. We will be doing this for the first time this Christmas. I am very excited about it.

  11. This year I’m putting all the unused sex toys I’ve boughten over the years into his stocking. Maybe he forgot about them. I haven’t though 😉

  12. we are going on a date to cupids….. we will see what that leads to

  13. Boudoir Photography! Whether you get it done or do it yourself its incredible! I did it myself for his present last year, and it is my husbands favourite gift EVER! Because of that, my husband has encouraged me to do it for other women as well, and now its what I get paid to do (Well I am starting to…)! Yup, this good little Christian girl gets passionate about taking pictures of women in their underwear, I love it more as a ministry then a job! It can help a wife feel confidant and beautiful, and husbands, well lets just say it might take a while to pick their jaw up off the floor after getting that in their stocking 🙂

  14. fabulous idea!

  15. iamhisheismine, I love that you and your daughter talk about stuff like that. It makes me smile. 🙂

  16. Every year I buy lingere and chocolates for him. He does share the chocolates. 🙂 One year I didn’t buy the lingere and he asked why so since then I haven’t missed. He was asking me to do a video of me bathing so maybe I’ll give him that too. 😉

  17. That’s very cool! Do the women you are shooting ever take it all off for the camera? My husband has always wanted me to be photographed naked. His fantasy goes like this: start with nice business suit attire (skirt and blazer–like a female lawyer might wear), then undress in stages to reveal sexy lingerie underneath, and finally end up totally naked. I would totally do it for him too, but the problem is, we have no photographers in our area who shoot boudoir. Kudos for you providing this service for women. That’s awesome!

  18. I bought some lingerie for my DH this year. Unfortunately I’m worried about it because he always said he has no interest in lingerie.

  19. LOVE this idea! I think I’ll surprise Hubby and give it a go as a fun way to introduce toys 🙂

  20. I bought myself Thigh High Boots and I can’t wait for them to come! I also bought a blonde wig (I am a brunette) and a sexy little lingerie piece! I am hoping to talk my husband into meeting me at a bar (not to drink!) just to meet me there… at a hotel…
    He’ll show up and be looking for me, and I will be in complete disguise – with my coat over my lingerie! I’ll send him a note from across the room by the bartender… and the rest is up to your imagination! How fun?? I just hope the husband goes for it! He’s not really into trying new things!

  21. H’s biggest gift is that I am making a point to make him feel important and treasured even more during the Christmas season than I do the rest of the year. I am counting Down the 12 Days of Christmas and for every day there will be a small gift and of course me. some of the gifts are sweet, other practical, but there are several naughty ones two including vibrating rings, dirty dice and sex coupons. I can’t wait to start!

  22. I ordered the We-Vibe II, it should be in next week. OK, so that is kinda for me too.;) I hope it is as good as the site claims it is.

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