Weekly poll #72: How long have you and your DH ever been separated for?

This poll isn’t about separation and divorce…think about being apart from each other….


  1. Gotta love the Army!

  2. My DH is in the military–so we go for months and months without seeing each other. He’ll deploy again in March for 8 months.

  3. A week, to help my mom get ready for my younger brother’s wedding. I thought I’d be ok with it, but I hated it. And he was miserable too. And to you army wives, God bless you for the sacrifices you makeI

  4. DH is an over the road truck driver. He is usually gone for a week, home for about a day and a half, sometimes more ,but often less, then he’s gone again. If you add up the home time and the away time, well the away time is a lot. Sigh…

  5. 12 days. It was about 10 years ago and I was OOT for work he couldn’t get away from his office. I don’t think we would do that now though. We would work it so that we saw one another somewhere in that time apart.

  6. 12 days and I hated it. I would never do it again. We had never been apart for that long since we were in our early teens over 25 years earlier.

  7. Dh has to go on week long training sessions during the winter. Its awful. I can never sleep alone.

  8. 25 days, back in October. My husband’s in the Navy. First 2 weeks during that time were extremely painful.

    He’s due for a 6-month deployment next year starting in either March or May :(.

  9. My parents live on the opposite side of the continent. I used to live one block from them, but then we moved out west. A few times I have gone to visit them for about 4 weeks. My DH joined us for about 2 weeks in the middle, but then he had to get back to our business.

  10. A week. He went on a mission trip to New Orleans to help clean up after the flood. I spent the week at my parents’. When we got home together we didn’t even make it to the bedroom- we ended up tackling each other on the living room floor!

  11. 6 weeks. 4 weeks into it we were able to rendezvous for 18 hours. I am miserable without him around.

  12. 3 months for me and it was horrid!! work dried up in our area so he found a job that was a 3 day drive from us; he had to fulfill his 3 month probationary period before they would move us all. And yups, right after the kiddies said their hullos … it was straight upstairs :o)

  13. after re-reading my own post … i do remember there was an upside; i lost about 25 lbs!! due to the fact that i couldn’t eat, was very distracted and just kept, going, going, going, so that i wouldn’t stop to “think” too much; good weightloss program, but not suggested for on-going healthy living.

  14. Just under 12 months for his first deployment to Iraq. Then several 4 to 6 week stints and a 5 month trip to Haiti. That’s all been since Jan. 2008. We’ve had several honeymoons since this Army life started, though. 🙂

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