Tighter After Oral?

So for a while now I’ve noticed something about my own body but haven’t said anything.  I’ve waited just to see if my husband would notice on his own.  A couple of months ago he did finally say something about it, and I’ve been meaning to write it out on here ever since.

We are definitely an oral sex couple.  Almost every time we make love we give each other oral.  It’s just a big part of our foreplay.  Sometimes I let him finish me orally before we make love, and sometimes I stop him before I finish and just ask him to penetrate me so that I can finish with him inside.  It all just depends on my mood J

What I have found interesting is that on the occasions where I let him finish me orally, I become extremely tight after that orgasm.  So much so that he has to really take his time entering me so that it doesn’t hurt.  But, on the other hand, if I stop him before I orgasm and ask him to just penetrate me… then I’m my normal self and not overly tight.

I’ve noticed this for a long time but just kept it as a mental note in my mind.  Then a couple of months ago my husband mentioned it, so I knew that he had noticed it as well.  He had just finished me orally and was about to penetrate when he looked at me and said: “You are always so tight after you finish orally!”  I looked at him with wide eyes and said:  “I KNOW!”  😆

Is this something that’s true of all women?  I find it kind of odd because when I orgasm I also self lube even more, which means that I would think it would be easier for penetration.  But even after the orgasmic contractions are over and I have a few minutes to collect myself, we still have to take our time when he enters me for the first time.

So now I’m curious.  Are most women experiencing the same thing that I am, or is this just the way my body reacts to orgasm?  Ladies, what is your experience with reaching orgasm first and then moving to penetration?

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