Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


When we make love, having my husband on top makes me feel…



  1. smooshed. 😉
    when not pregnant, i’d probably say ‘safe’ or ‘pursued’ some of the time. and other times, still smooshed 🙂 Hubby is a good sized fellow.

  2. Protected, safe, loved and wanted. There’s just something about it that makes me feel adored. 🙂

  3. safe, protected, secure

  4. safe, protected, pursued, wanted – these are all excellent words, but for some reason that i can’t explain, the first word that comes to mind is ‘feminine’.

  5. protected mostly but i would have to agree with hisbabe… feminine is definitely an emotion i get… but seriously protected is the best

  6. Tremendous love for him

  7. close, very close

  8. First word that pops to mind for me is Sexy, but I have to agree with the others. Feminine is a very fitting description.

  9. Happy that I know he is happy

  10. totally connected. Eye to eye, heart to heart. Totally his. Emotionally, spiritually, physically. At that moment, we are the only two people in the universe and we have become one. I am complete.

  11. cherished.

  12. Safe, adored, wanted, loved, sexy

  13. Cherished and adored, for sure.

  14. I’d have to agree with this description.

  15. WARM!!!!!

  16. ROFL, agreeing with hisgirl. Smooshed. 😀

  17. I have to agree with “feminine” as well. It is fun to be sometimes assertive and confident (and it pleases hubby, of course), but it is comforting to sometimes be very receptive and yin and feminine too. Not too long ago, that would have been hard for me to admit, as I’m growing from an extreme perspective of Feminism, to a more balanced one (resulting in a much more balanced marriage!) .

  18. spiceywifey you and me both. Funny how changing my attitude about my man and my marriage has improved every aspect of my life. Just wanted to know that I am with you as a reformed and much happier feminist 🙂

  19. Very good points. To me, “feminist” means that women and men are equally valuable, have equal legal and political rights, etc. But the term has been hijacked by people with certain agendas. And the idea that women need to be like men or to deny their femininity is ridiculous. I agree that a balance of assertive/confident and receptive/feminine can work out very nicely – in a lot of areas of life.

  20. Intimately accepted and complete.

  21. Vulnerable, yet cherished and protected.

  22. Lazy, because I can lay back and enjoy and not have to work. Also, Lucky.

  23. Truly loved and wanted. Just the whole act, being eye to eye. Feeling each others breath. It sends chills up my back just thinkung about it.

  24. protected, safe, and more turned on than other positions.

  25. passionately desired…completely focused on…. :}

  26. complete.

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