Monday’s Mission #128

Your mission this week is to get out a family board game and play it sex style. Change the rules so that clothing is removed or sexual favours are given for different parts of the game. What games would work with this?


  1. ….suddenly I have an uncontrollable urge to play Monopoly! I can see us bargaining items of clothing for houses / hotels and such!!

  2. What a GREAT idea! I never thought to do that/ maybe Scrabble?

  3. Clue – instead of Mr. Green did it in the bedroom with the gun we play all accusations have to made true ex. my DH did me in the kitchen with his toungue (sorry if to graphic) or he will say Natalie did me in the yard (fenced in backyard) with her hand or so forth and so on we have our own cards and game board made up (it looks like our house) we only have two people of course but we have all the rooms of our house and the yard included and we have many different oblect cards (be creative) hand, mouth, other body parts are obvious we also have different toy object cards and lotion/massage cream object cards.

  4. What a great idea! How creative. LIKE!!!

  5. we did sexy scrabble. The rules were that every word had to be about us as a couple, love or sex…Funny how the sex words were the easiest to come up with 😉 Anyway it was part of our first ABC date night for the letter A we had Aphrodisiac Appetizers followed buy Scrabble which I called “Amorous Alphabet ” game. It was fun and my H totally appreciated it.

  6. Chess works great for this!
    We have a chess set for the bdroom. I put sticky dots on the bottoms of the pieces with differeing instructions to be completed buy the person who loses the piece. tons of fun!

    We do extra points for ,”adult” words for scrabble.

    Cribbage for clothes is fun too.

  7. Strip scrabble can be a lot more fun than the traditional version.

  8. I’m thinking Battleship! Haven’t done it…but just might have to try tonight. Every time you get a “hit” – the bombed person has to take off an item of clothing. 🙂 We usually do stripping games with cards, but I think board games could be fun too.

  9. Twister!

  10. not a board game, but still fun. Wii bowling. Frame by frame. If you win you can put an item back on, or ask the other to take an item off. And strikes are worth the bonus of your choice! Just depends on how many games you want to play!

  11. Does anyone have some good ideas to use for the Chance and Community Chest cards?

  12. One time we played MLB on playstation and every time one of us scored a run we got oral sex! Best game ever. Although I think we may have to play something I’m better at next time, so the odds are not so in my husband’s favor, lol.

  13. go to bed go directly to bed do not pass go and do not collect anything sexual (for 10 Mins) we only have 1 of these in the deck and it makes the anticipation high each time you have to read a card because neither me or my dh wants to see this card. we combined and made our Chest/Chance cards all one pile and we came up with like 28 of them; the night we came up with those was an awesome evening of fun. you and your dh should make cards that suit you and not really share others ideas too much, but one other card we love is you recive health spa/massage collect 500k from other player or a 5 min massage players choice card we have 4 of those in the deck.

  14. I light have to try that!

  15. I LOVE this idea! Clue has always been one of my favorites!

  16. Would Strip Guitar Hero work? My H and I are both into Guitar Hero. Only challenge is we only have one controller for the guitar so that leaves me fumbling on the drums (seeing I’ve been playing bass on the guitar controls). On second thought…;)

  17. On my honeymoon, my husband and I played Strip Risk. For every country he invaded, I took off an article of clothing. For every country I invaded, he took off an article of clothing. Since it was in winter, we made it “extra” fun by wearing lots of layers so it’d take longer… like a drawn out strip show. For every country he or I won back, we’d get an article of clothing back. If we we “lost” all our clothing (lost being the operative word), ;o) the other person could ask for a sexual or romantic favor… (i.e. making out, cuddling, fondling… dare I say more?) Be creative. it was fun.

  18. JENGA!!! I wrote with a sharpie on about a third of the blocks. I wrote things like, “Kiss for 20 seconds” or “Give a compliment” as well as some racier foreplay ideas we had a blast.

    Also nude Twister made for some hilarity and Scrabble where we could only spell words related to us and our relationship was really a sweet and intimate experience.

    My H ALWAYS wins but that’s OK because in the end we both do.

  19. My H and I like to play strip Wii Fit. If we don’t get a good score on the task we’re playing (and we rarely do) we have to take off an article of clothing. We take turns playing back and forth, until we’re quite bare. This also gives the opportunity for some fun pics 🙂

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