Weekly poll #73: Do you believe that marriage is “Old Fashioned”?

I recently read an article that stated that 4 out of 10 say that marriage is obsolete.  How do you feel?  Be sure to click the answer by your age bracket….


  1. Absolutely not! I also read the article. I think that it is a sad commentary on our society. Marriage is not only sacred, but it is a beautiful representation of our savior’s love for us. Dilligently he is preparing our home as we anxiously wait for him to come and take us away. Sacrifice, mercy, and grace, all things that are crucial to strong marriage, are all demonstrated by our bridegroom.

  2. As sad as it is, I understand why so many in my age bracket (19-29) feel that way. Look at how our society is now–everyone lives together before marriage IF they get married. They have children with mulitple partners. Why get married?

    Thankfully, I do not feel this way. I am 22 years old and happily married. It breaks my heart that so many people my age will never experience the joy that a Biblical and God-ordained marriage can bring

  3. Sometimes I wonder who they get to find those statistics I read the article too! Very sad that it seems the media only show that side! Marriage is hard yes but so worth it!!!

  4. Here Here! I quiet agree!

  5. My marriage is the greatest blessing in my life. Our family has had many challenges, too many to articulate, but through out it all, has been my husband’s unwavering faith in God and in our family. In my husband’s life I see sacrifice, commitment, and strength. And I know these things are there because of his great faith. And because of my husband I have been able to love my children, and to minister to those that God has placed in my life. One of our life’s shared greatest joys was watching our daughter marry her Godly husband this past summer, knowing that another generation would know the blessing of this holy covenant.

  6. Not anymore with old cultural norm and religion being thrown out of the window, people have forgotten how to play their signifcant roles in the marriage and as a result , the little traditional roles that each spouse played in a marriage have been broken and people behave anyhow…..those very structures kept everyone involved in check and sustained a level of respect & support between husband & wife!!

  7. I said no because I do not believe that, however if I were not Christian I would have said yes. Marriage was designed by God, take God out of it and what is the point?

  8. It is so sad to read that statistic. I almost can’t help but wonder if people have decided it’s “old fashioned” because they don’t know what commitment means. No longer do people understand what ‘Til death do us part” means – it’s seen as temporary from the beginning. If people only knew what marriage can be when you do it like God designed! Thank you, God, for the amazing gift of marriage!

  9. i thought this was a very interesting response to that article:


  10. While the statistics are staggering, I tend to believe that the media is blowing this study way out of proportion and using misleading headlines to promote readership and shock value. Focus on the Family did a response to this article which was very interesting – it shows how the media manipulated some of the results and neglected others so as to make the story more “sensational,” if you will. See it here: http://www.focusonlinecommunities.com/blogs/Finding_Home/2010/11/19/is-marriage-going-out-of-style

    Wishing you all the best in your marriages!

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