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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One word that describes my view of anal sex is ______.



  1. icky

    (Sorry. But really not for me.)

  2. ENJOY

  3. Totally awesome when I’m relaxed enough to do it gives out of this world orgasms!!!!!!

  4. Yes, it will be if you don’t clean yourself out…I love it so much that for the past 20 years I give myself enenmas to clean myself. I have tried to have “regular sex” but found anal sex to be A LOT more intense orgasm!! So that’s why with one word to describe… ENJOY!

  5. …also I’m 54 years old 🙂 and STILL loving it!! (Anal)

  6. No thank you, not for me at this time. My hubby is not interested and it really doesn’t appeal to me.

  7. exciting!!!

  8. meh.

  9. interested

  10. A posibility. That is if the Husband ever wanted to try it.

  11. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!

  12. Sometimes. Hubby loves it and I’m ok with it but prefer most every other way to do things. So, we do it once in a while.

  13. painful

  14. nah *wrinkle nose*

  15. Courious but a little apprehensive. Husband is eager, I still have my concerns. He’s rather large, I just don’t know how everything will fit——-fearful!!!!

  16. interesting

  17. I think it depends on a persons anatomy if it is enjoyable or not. Personally it really hurt when me and my husband tried
    It. And it’s not the healthiest thing for your body either, you have to be so careful because it can really damage things which I’m sure everyone who does it knows that. (at least I hope so!) If you like it and it’s not hurting you then go for it!!
    Personally i dont like it cause it hurt even tho my husband was slow and gentle and took his time.

  18. Gross.

    No judgment on those who like it – but both hubby and I feel this way at the moment. We may try it in the future if one of us becomes interested.

  19. hot.

  20. Disgusting!

    And ouch!… My hubby and I have tried this a couple of times and never made it very far.. Besides the fact that he is VERY well endowed, it just feels disgusting and unnatural to me. Like my body is telling me “Exit only please!” But we are going to continue trying, and hopefully it will get better and we can make it work.

  21. Unsafe
    (yeah I know, let the bombardment start.;))

  22. unenthused. My husband is into anal sex but the thought of it does not turn me on and the actuality didn’t do much for me either.

  23. I have never had anal sex nor do I have any desire to. I do, however, enjoy having that area licked when my hubby goes down on me. I experience great sensation there when combined with genital licking.

    Question for you ladies who love it: do you have an orgasm from anal sex alone? In other words do you come from the stimulation of your husband’s penis thrusting in and out of your anus? Or do you need clitoral stimulation as well? I never thought a woman could orgasm that way.

  24. Prohibited.

  25. euphoric

  26. AWESOME!!!


  28. I usually need vaginal or clitoral stimulation to climax. I prefer the “Cowgirl” position so I can control the action and get a good grind going. OH! and the area in between is quite sensitive and enjoys a good licking. Enjoy

  29. not for me…

  30. I have orgasmed this way a few times. Not so much from the thrusting, but it is more like once the penis (or toy) is at a certain spot, the stimulation there brings about an orgasm. This is what helped me come to the conclusion that anal sex wasn’t wrong-I do not believe God would make it so easy to have an orgasm from it if it were.

  31. Fun! Anal sex/play is not something we incorporate on a very regular basis, more like one of the spicier things we kinda forget about and then when we are particularly aroused we go “oh yeah we haven’t done that in a while!”

  32. so-so.

    It kinda ruins the experience for me because we have to break out the lube, I have to make myself really relax, and then he has to be very patient and go slow until I can accomodate him without pain. And I don’t feel like we can cuddle when it’s over because we rush to the shower to prevent cross-contamination. I will say that I’ve had good orgasms with anal + self clitoral stimulation, but I enjoy external anal stimulation without the penetration much more. For me, the fantasy of it is way better than the reality of it.

  33. SICK!!!!!

  34. yeah, me too…

  35. unbiblical

  36. As a guy, I try not to post here much, but I have to disagree with the previous comment. I’ve heard people justify fornication by saying, “It just feels to good to be wrong.” While I don’t believe anal sex is sinful, how good it feels is not evidence that it’s not sinful.

  37. Will you give me chapter and verse…then I’ll believe it…But for you I’ll give you this…
    Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Hebrews 13:4

  38. Kinky!

  39. Curious

  40. Lovesitall ~ God did not give us a list of everything we can do. He did give us a list of what we cannot do. When it comes to a husband and wife, He does say that his body is her’s and her body is his’. Outside of sexually immorality – adultery, homosexual acts which scripture states is male to male and female to female.

    In 1 Cor 6, Paul talks with the Corinthians. 6:12 Paul states, “Everything is permissible for me”- but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me” – but I will not be masterd by anything. 13 – ” Food for the stomach and the stomach for food” – but God will destroy them both. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

    My Study Bible refers that the some were claiming that as the physical acts of eating and digesting food have no bearing on one’s inner spiritual life, so the physical act of promiscuous sexual activity does not affect one’s spiritual life.

    I believe we all understand promiscuous sexual activites, along with adultery, sex with same sex (homosexual), and orgies. These are things that defile the wedding bed.

    Outside of the above, for a husband and wife to willing engage in a activity with their bodies, others should refrain from comdenming as unbiblical. The Holy Spirit resides within us and He is activitily keeping us in check.

    We should feel free to say how we feel and if we disagree, that we do so in a loving manner.

    This site has been beneficial to talk, learn and understand how we as christian can enjoy our sexual lives as husbands and wives. In the long run we are all accountable to God.

  41. Vulnerable

  42. Not worth the patience and time it takes.

  43. Unhealthy.

  44. Uncomfortable. I’ve read all about it and understand how to give it to your partner, but I don’t think it’s for me. I’d much rather have hubby stimulate the perineum ;).

  45. tried quite a few times and have no desire to do again. To me it did feel good but there’s nothing intimate about it.

  46. sickness. not because I think it’s wrong, but hubby and I tried it twice, not getting very far because it makes me feel sick. I start getting hot and cold flashes and my jaws feel like I’m going to throw up. So it’s not for me. And I’m happy he takes my physical state into consideration and doesn’t push the issue*

  47. Orgasmic! but mostly with fingers or toys!

  48. Germy!

  49. NO…My husband and I have been having anal sex for over 20 years…I give myself and Enema and clean myself all out…and my hubby or myself have NEVER got sick or anything.

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