Monday’s Mission #129

I know, it’s Tuesday. Sorry for the delay on this one. Your mission this week is to try something in the bedroom that is new for you. Maybe something that you know your husband would like, but is a bit out of your comfort zone. Or something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had a chance to. What ideas do you have?


  1. I will have to find a way to slip this one into our week. And its alright that you were late posting, Tis The Season to be Busy after all!

  2. Role play. I just bought some thigh high boots, and a blonde wig. 🙂 I’m super excited!

  3. My husband has always wanted to tie me up but I have been very hesitant. Has anyone else let their husband tie them up?

  4. I have done this years ago and actually found it very freeing. In the bedroom I am very much a “pleaser”. Rather than lay and enjoy I will spend more time letting my husband lay and enjoy. Being tied up took that away, I wasn’t concerned that maybe I should do such and such or that he must be tired of doing such and such. He was in control and could do what he wanted and stop when he wanted. It would be a very negative experience with someone you could not trust. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive at first. I was date raped when I was 16 and was afraid that being tied up would bring that all crashing back, it did not.

  5. I want to muscle up the courage to give my husband a BJ.

  6. Okay, this week’s mission prompted me to do something for my husband that he has always wanted me to do: masturbate for him/ in front of him. I know there are a lot of gals on this list who do it regularly and have encouraged others to do it too. So, I finally went for it! Before my husband got home from work I spent about an hour playing with myself to get myself in the mood and to lose my inhibitions. It worked. He came over to the couch and made wild passionate love to me right there and then. Ladies, it was amazing! I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner. My husband praised me endlessly. He said that it was the hottest thing he has ever seen. My confidence has increased greatly! I like this new sex kitten persona I now have! Thanks CN!

  7. Go for it! My husband ties me up from time to time (wrists only) and I love it! I become his naked play thing. He teases me all over for what seems like an eternity until I am begging him to finish me off. Those are the magic words he is always waiting for and is then only too happy to comply. I love the feeling of helplessness (if you know what I mean), being his own little sex toy, and being teased and pleasured while held captive. The orgasms are intense! So, my advice: Go for it!

  8. Ari-, read the “Tasting his fruit” article and comments as well as other good ones here on CN. You can start with his testicles and move up to the “full Monty” over time. Once you see how much he enjoys it then it makes it very motivating to keep working on your technique. Good Luck!

    Haha a year ago I would never have thought that I would being saying a prayer for a woman to enjoy giving her H a BJ but I just said one for you.

  9. Way to go Cathy! A google search for “Masturbating for your Husband” was what first brought me to CN last summer. I LOVE how this site has stretched our sexual boundries and my h sure isn’t complaining!

  10. This is something I have always wanted to do as well, but it seems like starting is the hardest part. My inhibitions always get in the way. You don’t have to answer this question, but how did you initiate it? What did you say to him? I’m usually very bold in bed. I have very few reservations with DH, but I almost die of embarrassment just thinking about pleasuring myself in front of him. I know this sounds crazy, but I need some advice on getting started.

  11. Tommygirl, I gave him one before during our honeymoon, but I kinda got overwhelmed by performance anxiety. It didn’t help that later on he’d (unintentionally) make me feel pressured to try it again.

    I’m not scared of his package or anything ;). I’m pretty good at handwork. This is just kind of like the next level for me. And thanks for the prayer!

  12. Sorry if this is TMI. I wanted to respond as a source of encouragement to you. I hope I’ve kept it tame enough for all of you.

    It took me awhile to get the courage up too–to get over my embarassment or self consciousness or my shyness, to put myself on display like that. That’s why I spent about an hour before I knew my husband would be home, playing with myself (bringing myself close to coming but not going all the way). By the time my husband got home, my pump was well primed and my inhibitions had diminished substantially. You know how it is, when you’re really aroused and you really need to orgasm and you don’t really care about anything else anymore at that moment: you do things you might not normally do, or you say things you might not normally say etc. well, that was where I was at. Nervous but really excited too! Our living room is right off the entrance to our house, so when my hubby got home, I was the first thing he saw. His jaw almost hit the floor! There I was, on the couch, naked and playing with myself. I told him I was glad he was home; that I had been thinking about him all day, was really horny, and just couldn’t wait any longer. (sexy things I knew he wanted to hear). He encouraged me to continue (I won’t tell you exactly what he said but it was very hot) which I was more than happy to do at that point. I exploded into a powerful orgasm and my husband watched mesmerized. He got out of his clothes faster than I’ve ever seen him before LOL. And then he came over to where I was and made love to me. I think it was some of the best sex we’ve ever had.

  13. This has really made me think… what haven’t we done that we have any interest in doing??? Then it came to me – I am going to blindfold him. I have wanted to do that for awhile. He isn’t so sure (he’s very visual) but I don’t think he will complain for long.;)

  14. My hubby loves being blindfolded. Think I’ll include it when he comes home in 3 days ;).

  15. Wow, ladies! You have given me a lot to think about! Not sure I have the courage for this, but who know?

  16. hi girls

    I have not done this very often and the original person who wrote about her experience sounds awesome. What I have done that was fantastic when we had our bed on the floor (bed needed fixing) I sat on a chair after I had tied up my husband on the bed. Then I sat on a chair with a see through top (really sexy for him) and I played with myself. It worked wonders then I come down and gave him a blow job and the rest was awesome. So much fun

  17. My husband had asked me to do this before but my inhibitions really got in the way 🙂 I would just be so shy around him that i touched myself very little in front of him. recently though he finished military bootcamp and since he’s at tech school we can now web chat since we can’t be together. yesterday he finally convinced me to play with my self in front of the cam for him and it was amazing. I found out that it really wasn’t as hard as I had made it out to be. I just asked him to tell me what to do and then I didn’t feel so shy because I knew I was doing exactly what he wanted. so my advice is if your shy like me maybe just ask him to direct you but not to touch. it worked great for us and today we just couldn’t wait to get on and have one of our “dates” 🙂 now if only the internet would be more reliable 😀

  18. Wow! That was very daring! But if it is one of your husband’s fantasies and you can do it privately, why not? Congratulations.

  19. I finally did the last time we had the opportunity for sex before he left for deployment. Man, it drove me wild!

  20. awesome idea!

  21. So, I did something really wild and crazy Sunday night (something I’ve never done before). My hubby and I decided to go see the new movie “Puss n Boots”. Well, I decided to go as my own version of “puss” in boots (i.e.naked heehee). In other words, I went to the movies wearing only a ¾ length coat, a pair of my knee high boots, and nothing else. My husband couldn’t tell I was naked until I told him once we were in our seats in the darkened theatre. His mouth almost hit the floor! He thought I was kidding around until I gave him a quick little sneak peek at my boobs (obviously for his eyes only) and guided his hand under my coat to confirm it. He could hardly concentrate on the movie. And afterwards? It was well worth it, let me tell ya!

    I definitely want to do some other wild and sexy things like this in the future (as they say “variety is the spice of life”). It was so exhilarating and exciting! And a big turn on for my hubby and me (not just hubby but me too). So, I’m wondering (if you don’t mind sharing): what’s the wildest thing you gals have ever done with your hubby? I’m looking for some new ideas for the future.

  22. I don’t know if these qualify as “wild” but this are some of my favorite sexy things I’ve done for my husband in the last year.
    1. I picked up my husband for a picnic in the park wearing a zip up hoody with nothing under it and we spent lunch, laying on a blanket, with the sun shining down on us and my zipper down just far enough that he could fondle my breasts. A great warm up for later.

    2. I had my husband come home for lunch and when he got home, I was wearing nothing but an apron.

    3. We live where it is very cold in the winter, and one day I set up a beach party in out bedroom. Cranked up the heat, layed out the towels, put on the bikini and got out the lotion. Whp hasn’t had the fantasy of being on the beach and your husband not being able to keep his hands off of you.

    4. One night I set up a movie theater in the van, using the laptop and a dvd and we had sex in the back seat, while we were parked in the garage.

    5. My first striptease was akward, but fun, but my second was much better. I think we both enjoyed it more. I dressed up in a sexy but conservative outfit, kind of like a sexy librarian,, lots of fun and my husbands eyes nearly popped out of his eyes.

    6. You can’t go wrong with a picnic on the floor, with wine and cheese. One day we knew we were going to have an evening free, but I took my husband upstairs beforehand and showed him all the new positions I wanted to try while we still had out clothes on. It really got us hot and set the mood for when the kids were gone later.

  23. As much as I love to get wild and crazy, going to a children’s movie naked and fooling around is not something I can get my mind around.

  24. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas babe4jim! They’re all really great ideas! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I especially like numbers 1, 2, and 4. I think I will definitely give those a try in the near future. Come to think of it, I’ll probably do them all– they’re all really good! Thanks again.

    Does anyone else have anything to share? I think we can all benefit from our experiences. I know babe4jim came up with some really good ideas I never thought of before. The more, the merrier so do tell.

    Point of clarification for Susan Anthony: 1. We didn’t actually fool around at the movie. We fooled around in the privacy of our own home after the movie. My attire (or lack thereof) was simply to tantalize my hubby for after– the appetizer before the main course, if you will.

    2. Only my husband knew I was naked under my coat. To everyone else, I looked fully dressed. Even my husband didn’t know I had nothing on under my coat until I told him.

    3. Puss n Boots is not a movie solely for kids. The theatre was full of adults. The entire Shrek series (of which Puss in Boots is a spin off) appeals to adults as much as kids. In fact, quite often I think there is a lot of adult humor not appropriate for children in those animated flicks. In any event, it wasn’t as though my husband and I were “going at it” in a movie theatre surrounded by five year olds while Bambi played on the big screen. That’s not how it was at all.

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