Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


If my husband asked to suck my toe, I would ______.



  1. oh yeah, don’t stop there.

  2. Combine this with his other passion….lingerie. I would wear sheer panties, garters and stockings and totally give him a night he would never forget.

    I find that when I give in in these situations, it is me that gets the most out of it.

  3. Laugh and hope I’d recently had a pedicure. 🙂

  4. probably laugh. Then let him try it.

  5. Well I would say…Honey I love you… Thanks, but NO THANKS!
    Sorry but that just not a erogenous zone for me but the total opposite.
    NOW if my husband told me it was REALLY important and sexy for him, I would work out a deal that sometimes he could do it, that’s just how much I love him!

  6. be all over it. 🙂

  7. let him — he’s done it before! :oD

  8. Make sure they were clean before I let him.

  9. Ask if he was crazy…I can’t stand to have my feet touched! Fortunately he is the same way so this has never been a problem for us.

  10. Wash my feet first.

  11. Wash my feet, and go for it.

  12. Be SO excited!!!!

  13. I’d let him. I’m pretty sure he’s done it before. I’m up for almost anything. Even though I normally hate having my feet touched being aroused changes things. My ticklishness goes way down and things that normally don’t feel great suddenly do.

  14. Wonder where that came from.

  15. probably laugh, after i wash them of course i would let him. although he really isnt into feet so it would never be a question i would have been asked. 😛

  16. mmmmmm. Much to my surprise I discovered when I got married that I *love* to have my feet touched, and lucky for me that was discovered by my DH. Just thinking of him nibbling on my toes…..

  17. Think he’s a weirdo.. realize it’s probably just for fun or curiosity.. make sure my feet are clean and laugh at him while he sucks my toe. Laugh some more because it tickles like crazy.. and then have a wild, fun night of sex. Yes, it’s happened before. 🙂

  18. I would definitely tell him to go for it. He knows that I love my feet to get all his attention. I would tell him to start with my toe and explore the rest of my feet especially right below the ankle on the side just below my ankle bone and in the curve of my toes. He knows my sweet spots and it would be a very long night of passion. It is almost a nightly ritual for us.

  19. lol! Same with mine!

  20. I was thinking similarly. Him requesting something like that wouldn’t bother *me* but it would be out of character for *him*

  21. I would say “please don’t!” My feet are extremely ticklish, and it would in no way be a turn-on for me!

  22. I wouldn’t mind, of course, but I’d think it was pretty random!!

  23. I’d wash first and then sit back and give it a try

  24. Get into something sexy. Let him wash my feet (make sure I have red nail polish on) then he can suck to his hearts content.

  25. I think I’d laugh! I’d let him do it, but I don’t think I could keep a straight face. My feet are the only ticklish part of me. He’s VERY ticklish and I taught all our kids how to tickle him out of bed, so usually when he goes for my feet it’s in retaliation- I expect to be tickled. I don’t know if I could handle it 🙂

  26. giggle and take off my sock!

  27. haha i’d laugh and go with it 🙂 yay for goofy spontenaity!

  28. I would say are you sure?? And let him do it cuz I’m here to give him what he wants…:)

  29. Laugh uncontrollably and have trouble holding still!

  30. be really surprised

  31. politely decline, unless he really really wanted to.

  32. DECLINE! I don’t like to touch my hubby’s feet or have him touch mine!:(

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