Weekly poll #76: What kind of terms do you use for your/his sex organs?


  1. I don’t really have a name for my own, but hubby and I often refer to his with the words “package” or “nuts”. Couple of times he made me laugh at the start of foreplay by asking if I wanted Polish sausage while wiggling is eyebrows like Groucho Marx! LOL

  2. I call my D/H penis “Mr Happy” πŸ˜‰

  3. That is too funny ari-chan.

    This is a cute saying that my little nephew of 4 said to his grandma and grandpa as they were driving to their vacation home. “Grandpa – my wonker hurts.” He needed to pee pretty bad!!!

  4. I have a tendency to refer to his as a “joystick” – like the old computer games used. πŸ™‚

  5. My husband likes to turn anything I say into a reference to his or my love parts. Therefore we have used all kinds of terms! From references to vegetables to clinical terms to things that don’t even make sense! But we know what we mean by simply raising our eyebrows up and down when we say it πŸ˜‰
    Great poll! Maybe we all can learn new and exciting terms from each other!

  6. I know sometimes when we’re lying next to each other early on in foreplay my husband will look downward and go “Hmmm. Someone’s happy.”

  7. I call my hubbie a meat stick sometimes lol, he calls mine a honey pot.
    But we use all sorts of names, I too call it a joystick sometimes.

  8. Hey Me too!!

  9. Joanne, I can say that we both have used the word “p*$$y” quite often. I really can’t think of another word we used. I think [it] is a great term.

  10. we are big ‘office’ fans so sometimes my husband refers to my parts as my ‘little nook’
    (that’s what she said, that’s what she said!)

  11. DH always refers to mine as “happy place” and my clitoris as “little spot” love it because he totally came up with them on his own! I call his “JO”……it’s a long story that started as an flirty text and has stuck.

  12. I’ve never used the kitty word with my husband, nor the c-word. And yet, you ladies have brought up something worth thinking about. Sure, they’re probably not words you’d want to say out loud in public, but at the same time, why do we view them as such?

  13. P***Y
    CU*T (sometimes)
    P***Y LIPS
    TW*T (occasionally)

    D**K (sometimes)
    Pole (rarely)

    Silly words don’t turn me or hubby on very much. Usually it’s just CO** and P***Y but, believe it or not, reduncancy is also a turn off so we have a short list of good words.

  14. I agree, the P Word is the most sexy of them all. There I go again with not actually saying it. It would be nice to have a list of various phrases that work well for “dirty talk”. Having some “go to” phrases has really allowed me to become more verbal with my husband and it would be nice to hear what works for other people too. Some phrases seem to really get him going and others not so much.

  15. Yes, we to use the “p” word for me, and we use the “d” and “c” word for him… We also use the term “f**k” for the actually doing of it… I think because I wasn’t out in the world and didn’t hear those terms used in a bad/filthy way, that to me they are really spicy, not yucky…

  16. I have to agree that the use of all these words are how they are protrade to you. For my husband to say that he wants to f___ my brains out, means that he really, really wants me bad. What wife doesn’t want her husband to desire her so strongly. I have seen the gleem in my husband’s eyes when he has SHARED these words with me. If wives tell their husbands that those words are bad, filthy, etc., you are telling him that he is bad, dirty, filthly. Learn to accept your husband’s sexualilty, and show him that.

  17. We discussed the possibility of allowing people to post exactly what they say, but we want to be considerate to those who do find these words offensive. The truth is that even we CN writers (at least some of us) use very spicy language (for example, my husband and I use ALL of them depending on the mood), but for the women who read here and have only ever heard these words in derogatory ways, we want to be mindful that they don’t have the same grid that some of us do. In fairness to them, they shouldn’t have to read words that they have only ever heard spoken in anger or disrespect.
    We also know that once people are posting full phrases then the possibility of crossing the line from healthy sexual awareness (part of the goal of our blog) to erotica (not at all the goal of our blog) could happen very easily.
    The bottom line in my opinion is that if you AND your husband are both comfortable with using very expressing and spicy slang, go for it. If one of you isn’t, be respectful of that. There is a reason and no one should have to listen to language that makes them feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

  18. P***y is the word. I don’t mind the others πŸ™‚

  19. I agree… Phrases like ‘F**k my p***y ____ are the ones that are used at the point of culmination and they give me intense pleasure while getting over the top.

  20. Wow, this is enlightening. I have never even thought of using the “p” word. I don’t think it’s bad, but it just never crossed my mind. I would not use the ‘c” word because in my mind that is a very derogatory and demeaning term for women. I’m not sure I could overcome that association. But, this discussion has made me think that we need to “spice up” our language a bit.

  21. i’m with you on this one. and really i dont find the p word attractive at all. and i agree with what u say about the c word.

  22. i think the only word on a “scandalous association list” for me that i would ever find particularly erotic is the F word….but i’m not sure in what connotation i could get my hub to say it to me… so i guess i just think it πŸ˜›

  23. I like to think of it as “Hot and Spicy!” I do know that my husband loves it when I am creatively sexy in my descriptions and hates anything goofy. Certain words just seem to create a sensual atmosphere that allows us to relax and enjoy what God intended for our pleasure. I love it when he talks HOT and SPICY to me!!!

  24. Dear matt’s bride,
    You could always say it to him!!!

  25. My husband isn’t a talker but I typically refer to them as Mr Happy (like so many of you) and Petunia. Don’t ask me why Petunia it’s just been called that for many years.:)

  26. Oftentimes, my husband likes to use hot & spicy, somewhat blunt terminology for our private parts. I’ll use those words too, as I know it heats him up.

    I like to call him “Mr. Big” πŸ™‚ , and I refer to my own zone as my “secret garden or love garden.” It all depends on our moods and how we’re interacting. He tends to be much more verbal than me during our intimate times, so we end up using his preferred terms more often. I tend to use “my” terminology when I’m in a particularly playful or romantic mood.

  27. Mine is Miss Kitty. He’s Italian so I often tell him I’m in the mood for some hot Italian sausage… a little lick of the lips finishes the thought πŸ™‚ We use basic slang too, but those are our more unique pet names.

  28. Meow! πŸ˜‰ B)

  29. I just want to call attention to the second paragraph of cinnamonsticks’ statement. This is a wonderful site that helped through a wonderful awakening into a VERY spicy marriage bed & an extremely intimate marriage. I would be so so so very sad to see it degenerate into a locker room that I can’t recommend to the ladies that I share with what God has done for me.

  30. I dropped the “p-bomb” in an email to him today. I can’t wait to find out how he reacts. πŸ˜€

  31. haha maybe after reading your names I need to stop calling his Mr Sleepy lol,

  32. Terrible as it is, I called his a Muppet once just after we were married, and ever since then the name has stuck. Luckily, he’s not self-conscious!

  33. We sometimes feel so timid and awkward with our use of sexual terms and when we discuss it nothing ever seems to fit, however, when we are in the heat of the moment we could care less how hot the language gets. Often I have called our sex organs wild and crazy things that I never would have imagined saying and never have outside of the moment. When we have discussed it afterwards we both get embarrassed. I know funny, huh? Anybody else been there done that?

  34. I mean that I am pretty free verbally when very aroused to the point of embarrassing afterwards. Does that make sense? So much so it is even difficult to discuss…

  35. Thank you so much, I needed to hear that from someone else. I agree I suppose baby steps. I am getting more verbal and open when I am not as turned on slowly but surely. And I am trying to be the one who discusses sex and ways for us to have fun instead of my husband always dragging it out of me.

  36. I think having two school-age boys has influenced my vernacular a bit. I noticed this when the word “wiener” slipped out. Not hot.

  37. This is my biggest sexual ‘problem’ or hang up. I feel stupid using clinical terms when we are intimate. Not sexy. I feel (just me -ok?) that most of the ‘slang’ terms are not holy. I have all the associations with it being ‘vulgar’ language and ‘profanity’ to say those words. I feel like an idiot to say things like ‘tunnel of love’ or ‘love tool.’ (Just grabbing at silly terms – please no flaming if you say those things, lol!) So I’m stuck. I can’t seem to come up with ANYTHING that either doesn’t embarrass or offend me. Sigh. I WANT to have some body part words, but haven’t found anything yet. My husband is so patient. He just laughs.

  38. Personally, I love the word p*$$y. I think it’s really sexy. It’s the only word I’ve ever used. Sometimes in the heat of the moment I’ve used the “c” word (in the right moment, c**t can be sexy too) but my preference is p*$$y. I use it, not only in the bedroom but in everyday speech with my hubby too. Always have. I’ve never liked the clinical terms for body parts, male or female. (I use dick or c**k for my man’s manhood too).

  39. My DH uses the name p***y for mine, and I use hot *dog* for his. My favorite condiment to go with my hot *dog* is honey πŸ˜›

  40. My husband is out at sea and occasionally emails me. A few times he referred to his penis as “the toy that grows”, and his balls as his “sack”. I don’t know if we have a name that sticks though ;).

  41. I don’t know why my brain works this way but, in the heat of the moment, when I tell my husband to give me his C***, it gets me going a lot faster πŸ˜‰

  42. Me too, Ravieolis! I totally know what you’re talking about. Saying things like that adds to the excitement level for both my hubby and me and will often put me over the edge a whole lot faster!

    How many women on this list use the word p*$$y? I know a few have said they do but are there more than that? As I said above, I find that word really sexy! (DH does too)

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