Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


The one thing that may cause me to act unchristian-like, is ______.



  1. Selfishness is where sin starts

  2. when one of my “christian” friends demands that i dont judge them. -_-

  3. Rude or mean people. It takes everything I’ve got to not give them a severe tongue lashing!

  4. My sinful nature. 🙂 No, seriously, dangerous, foolish drivers. Especially in winter.

  5. Me too… foolish idiot drivers!! They drive me INSANE!! 😆

  6. I guess my answer would be (besides idiot drivers)… someone being mean to my children. I tend to turn into a bear where my kids are concerned.

  7. i’m with you cumingirl…… i tend to be quiet and reserved, but if someone is mistreating my children i turn into a very assertive, protective person who isn’t afraid to say anything!

  8. Fear or anger

  9. I wish I could say I could only think of one….
    I think songbird had a good answer though – selfishness. When I put myself before God and others in any situation I get myself in trouble.:(

  10. Food- I’m such a glutton!! I just love to eat and sometimes it’s hard to say no. People don’t really think that eating can be such a sin, but for me it can be!

  11. Insecurity. Goes along with my earlier post in that fear gets in the way, but it also affects me should I ever feel like I’m not good enough.

  12. I have to agree, havign suffered my whole life with my weight it has become somewhat of a demon in my life. As a young kid I was overweight, and I hid behind an athletic facade so I would not have to be a “girl” and girly. But when i went to college the lifestyle change caused the weight to drip off my, in just a few months I lost 60 pounds and it created this distorted image in my mind of what I looked like and who I was. I saw myself obese but I wasnt. Things happened and I gained some back and than I became bulimic it was satisfying to me, or so i thought to know that i could still devulge in food and emotional eat resulting in purging everything afterward. It was an addiction. My husband walked in on me once after we had a really great date at Red Lobster, he was so disappointed in me and thats when I knew that I had a real issue with food. I struggle everyday to not eat everything in sight and also with my body image and self-confidence. Today, I am relearning how to be healthy with food and working so hard on being happy with the body God gave me, flab and all! Sorry for rambling but I needed to share!

  13. I’m so glad you shared. Thank you!

  14. My weakness, … intimate pleasure. I am my own worst enemy!

  15. I have a list! But I’m going to go with other males/females flirting with a married man/woman!

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