Weekly poll #77: Of the following Biblical women, who do you relate to the most?

You may choose multiple answers…if you do and would like to explain in the comment section, feel free!


  1. This poll is a tricky one. Probably we need to bring out a few qualities and that would make it more easier. May be we should have a study on these women.

  2. I agree. A study on these women would be a great idea.

    I can identify with Leah the most. I often go through times of feeling compared to the Rachels out there who are beautiful all over while the only noted attractive feature is the eyes, feeling unloved.

  3. I’m with Ladywriter one this one – I would love to know more about some of these women in order to best choose. The Biblical women I am most familar with, I don’t identify with. Surely one I could feel a sense of sisterhood. Afterall, they are my sisters in Christ. Maybe I need to look deeper into the lives of these women. Help would be very much appreciated.

  4. I choose sarah because I seem to continually find myself in the same kind of situation that she was in. God made her a promise but it wasn’t being fulfilled fast enough for her so she tried to step in and take control. God help me to rest in trust More!

  5. In the Biblical studies section of the blog, I have already done some bible studies on some of these women, and would be glad to continue and do more. I chose women for this poll that I thought were the most well known of the Bible.

  6. I voted Bathsheba. When I first met my husband I was living with another man. Obviously I wasn’t following Christ then. My husband did not have the other guy killed like David did but he did take me away from him. I went quite willingly. I didn’t bathe naked on roof tops but close. I dressed immodestly and was an attractive woman,; my husband, like David was first attracted to me because of lust, not respect, friendship etc. Yet out of a beginning that was completely immoral God created something wonderful. Just as he did for Bathsheba.

  7. I love Deborah, I really like the verse that says…until I Deborah arose, she to me is a character of strength and yet when it came to battle she was willing to consult a man, so she wasn’t a feminist, she was walking in the role God had given her, I probably want to be like her rather than relate to her, I live in Hope, God is good!

  8. I picked Deborah, and I love what xlovedbygodx says about her! But I have always thought of myself as a Martha- busy serving, but not necessarily listening. (Maybe because my real sister is such a Mary.)

  9. Being willing to consult with a man doesn’t make you not a feminist…??

  10. I picked Deborah and Miriam (both prophets!) and Esther (queen, savior of her people) because they were all strong leaders despite many cultural constraints. They’re some of the women I feel I can really look up to from Israel’s history.

    I also love Mary, who chose to sit at Jesus’s feet and listen. In first-century Jewish culture, it was not the norm for women to be students of rabbis, and it definitely WAS expected that she would be playing the role of hospitable host like her sister Martha. Mary chose what was outside the norm for women in her day because she wanted to be close to Jesus. As someone who also wants to be close to Jesus wherever it takes her—and as a woman who can relate to Mary’s interest in theology!—I really connect with this story about Mary.

  11. These days I’ve been relating to Sarah. I want to have children but my husband and I are not in a position financially to be able to do so at the moment. The problem is I was not young when we married and it will take God’s intervention to change our financial situation anytime in the near future. I thank God for His greatness. I just pray that God’s plan for my life and my desire for a child are the same plan.

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