Men’s Equivalent?

“Is there a similar website that you are aware of for men?”

We get asked this often.  So let us take a minute to make some recommendations for all of you men out there.  Ladies, if your husband is interested in a website devoted to men, then email him this post 🙂

First of all we’d like to remind everyone of the men’s forum on The Pure Bed. It was created to be a place where husbands could talk about intimacy and marriage issues together.

Another new blog that we’ve recently become aware of is Ignite Her Passion.  It is written for husbands by a husband.  The tag line says:  Helping Men Bring Back the Passion and Romance in Their Marriages. He isn’t vulgar but he tries to be upfront and give helpful tips regarding intimacy and marital issues.

Better Husbands & Fathers is another blog out there that is aimed at husbands.  It isn’t a blog solely on intimacy, but it does incorporate some of those aspects and discussion is welcomed!

Last but not least we will again recommend The Generous Husband.  It is a blog written by Paul Byerly, co-founder of The Marriage Bed.  He gives tips on ways to become a generous husband using the five love languages and more.

We are always on the lookout for other blogs and websites that we can recommend to our readers.  We try to update our resource page and Hey Men page to reflect these sites as well.


  1. Thank you ladies! I will check the two new sites out.

  2. my husband and i read several articles from ignite her passion last night and they were excellent! thanks for this post!!

  3. Thank you ladies. It is nice to go through the websites and know how men feel and what they want.

  4. I forwarded the links to these sites to my husband. I spent quite a while reading the information myself and couldn’t help but to think that this is EXACTLY what I need from him as a husband. A desire to please and understand me, just as I desire to please d understand him. I asked if he read it, and he said not yet…this was a few days ago.

    I can’t help but to feel frustrated that I spend a lot of time researching new things and ideas to spice up our marriage. I try very hard to make him happy and keep his needs met, yet he didn’t even take a look at what is out there for me to learn in pleaseing their wives? He asks me a few times a week if I learned anything new from CN and the other sites I follow. I do learn a lot and get great ideas (thank you ladies!), but my feelings are hurt by his lack of interest in meeting my needs (mostly more emotional than physical). Help!! Any ideas? I have been clear for a while that I need more from him, but he isn’t trying. He wants to focus on the “fun” and sex, but I need a partner with care, concern, and love for me as a person, not just the sex.

    I really do love and cherish my husband. Just venting I guess. Thanks for any advice 🙂

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