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We already have an article on the importance of taking the time to have date nights with your husband, but I wanted to take some time to discuss together ideas for winter dates. For me, I have so many more things that I enjoy to do in the warmer weather and also many of them are free, which I like. 😀 But winter dates are important too. What are some free or inexpensive winter date ideas apart from eating out and/or going to the movies. That is always our default and honestly we do it because it’s fun for us, but it’s also easy.

Some of the other things we have enjoyed when the colder weather is less conducive to being outdoors are:

  • going to the library and sitting quietly together while flipping through magazines.
  • driving through different neighbourhoods to get ideas on how to landscape or renovate our home.
  • bundling up and walking through a park.

What are some fun, creative winter dates you have shared with your husband which haven’t cost much (under $30)? My husband and I are out of our dating routine right now and I am looking for ideas on how we get our dating groove back. 🙂 Maybe you are too and we can get some ideas from one another.


  1. Skating on a pond (our city upkeeps one for community use, and it’s surprisingly quiet there for being so central.) and going for hot chocolate. Snuggling up with a glass of wine and a game of cribbage, or whatever you like. We like picking games that take enough brain power that you need to pay a little bit of attention, but not so much you can’t banter a bit. 😉 Actually, if you needed to get out of the house, you could probably take your game to a quiet corner in a coffee shop, I bet that would be lovely!

  2. Some of our favorite dates are out to Starbucks with either homework (yuck!) or a devotional. My dh and I are recently married so we are still trying to get into a routine of regular Bible study and prayer time together and we are finding that when we go out somewhere, like to get coffee, we focus more than if we were at home. Then the spiritual closeness we’ve gained naturally leads to other types of closeness!!

  3. I would like to go ice skating at an outdoor rink with my husband. We will hold hands and he can hold me up as I attempt to skate. After we finish and are walking hom I would hit him with a snow ball and he would then throw me into the snow and jump on top of me. 🙂 After we have a good laugh we’ll head home and have some Hot Chocolate back as we cuddle by the fire. That’s a cheap winter date that is lots of fun !

  4. One of my favorite topics! I just did a 12 days of Christmas for my husband and 12 was a special dinner at home every month. We are going to visit a variety of US regions and different countries without ever leaving home. Candles, music, multiple courses the whole shootin match.

    I would also encourage your readers to check out the dating divas and love actually for very fun dating ideas. This weekend my H and I will be doing an at home date from the love actually blog called “Booty Camp” I am super excited about it!

  5. Since my DH has been out of work we have found walking in the mall a nice winter date. You are out of the house, getting some excersice, enjoying each other all at no charge.

  6. Ice skating is a fun way to laugh at each other and enjoy doing something active. Reading to each other in bed hot steamy scenes from romance novels is anothing activity that is cheap and fun. Taking hot baths together and giving each other salt scrubs and massages with warm oils or lotions. We are fortunate enough to have a massage table we found at a good will store but the bed works as well.

  7. Spending time by the crackling fire. Depending on how cold it is, I would consider taking a stroll in the park. I just now got this idea to go out for a long walk on a snowy day, somewhere in the country, working ourselves up and end up having sex in the snow.

    Have any one of you tried having sex in the snow?? I think I should try that one. It will certainly cost me less than under $30 😉

  8. We too enjoy ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing (although that is NOT a cheap date), and playing board/card games.

  9. We like to go on for a weekly date to the bookstore. We get drinks and spend some time talking. It doesn’t cost much and it’s to have some face time without little ones underfoot.

  10. I agree – spending time in a bookstore, there’s something about it. Every time my husband and I go, even if we know exactly what we want, we end up spending at least a couple hours walking around holding hands and talking. It’s just a peaceful place. Good for you for making it a WEEKLY date! 😉

  11. We play board games together all the time. We actually got a bunch for Christmas that we’re really enjoying! Yay – the Christmas gifts I got him were actually an investment in our marriage. Who knew?

  12. Over the Christmas break, we went to the Steam Baths. We took our own towels & water, went on a two-for-one evening and it cost us $21.00. Just something a little bit different to “get us in out of the cold” for a bit.

  13. heated fishing dock – i always catch more than him!

  14. my hubby and i enjoy walking around malls but we dont have one here its a really small town so we walk around our pamada and alko. but we also love renting a movie from redbox. its awesome!!!

  15. That may be a bit cold, lol! Just be sure not to get hypothermia!

  16. We go on “book store dates” We drive to a book store, find 2 chairs side by side, each grab a different book, then hold hands and read for HOURS. Then we talk about whatever history/political/biography that we just read. 🙂 We love the low-pressure, relaxing aspect of a free date where we don’t HAVE to talk the whole time.

  17. Our favorite outing is to a local State Park. It costs $4 to get in, and in the winter months no one else is there! Last year we tramped through the snow for hours and had the little wilderness all to ourselves.

  18. just thought I would share this link from the dating divas. It looks like big fun and something I would try with my H but there are no big bookstores within an hour of us.

  19. We like to go to art shows for local artists. They are free (unless you purchase some art) and usually have hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

  20. Another favorite at home date is to just break the mold a bit and make a nice dinner. I tried out Southern cooking on my man last weekend. I also made a dessert which I don’t normally do. It didn’t cost much more than the average meal to prepare but it was all new recipes that followed a theme. I dressed in boots and a cowboy hat , added some curl to my straight hair and we finished our evening listening to country love songs in our bedroom.

    My husband loves being home so our dates often revolve around our house.

  21. My husband and I met and married in college and consider ourselves the king and queen of cheap dates! =) Also, we’re both “winter people”. We have a dollar movie theater, an ice rink (which is where he proposed!), and a year-round artificial snow skiing resort, free for students and cheap for alumni. We also like to get Caramel Apple Spice drinks from Starbucks and walk around and hold hands and talk. We also enjoy playing chess, going to museums, and visiting historical locations. Many times, we just take our dog to the park. The exercise feels great, keeps us in shape for each other, and provides a good time of conversation! =) Other things we enjoy seasonally: making Christmas ornaments, trying recipes from different cultures, cooking together, driving to a location that is special to us and praying– just emptying our hearts before God, asking him for wisdom in our decisions, and thanking Him for the many ways He takes care of us and loves us.

    I do have a very favorite winter date though that has become a tradition with us. One year right before Christmas break from university, we were both stressed out and busy with finals. It was about 4 months before we got married. So, one night, he surprised me with a very special date. First, he took me to a Celtic concert. I had never been to one before and it was so much fun! After that, we decided to walk across the street to a historic college (not ours…) where we held hands and walked along the sidewalks lit with beautiful lanterns and Christmas lights. All of the snow and icicles were glimmering. it was so beautiful. One of the buildings had a large front porch and a Christmas tree lit up in front of a bay window. I’m an interior designer, so you can imagine how much I loved that! He sang to me and we danced out in the cold, cuddling with each other to keep warm. It has been a tradition every year since, going on 5 years! He picks the day and surprises me every year =) We were engaged that first time, and committed to waiting until marriage to have sex. So, since we’ve been married, it’s ended more pleasantly every year if you get what I mean. 😉

    The heat index here now is 107 degrees. I wish it was winter!

  22. Paint! I say crank up the heat in your house for an hour or so, put the kids to bed, put on some nice relaxing or inspirational music and sit there and paint together. My H and I did this and we had a fantastic time…did I mention we only wore our underwear and used each others body as our canvas. End with a nice hot shower together for cleanup! 🙂

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