Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I know I need to work on ______, and today I will ask God to help me in this area.



  1. My anger. It had a hold on me and sometimes I let it win, but with God holding my hand and heart I can conquer anything. So today I will not be quick to anger but do all things in love.

  2. speaking to my husband in his love language … and patience while he attempts to learn mine.

  3. myself as a whole.

  4. Time Management!! So I can spend time with my husband after the kids go to bed instead of catching up on housework.

  5. When I’m frustrated and anxious

  6. waiting on Him

  7. trusting God instead of becoming fearful and anxious in my daily life

  8. My eating disorder. I have been losing precious time for too long. This is the year to overcome with God in control, not me.

  9. cooking more. I love to cook but i don’t do it enough.

  10. not being so competitive or sensitive when I’m not perfect or not as good as others in a certain area. I am such a baby when I can’t keep up (or beat) someone at something. Wow…it’s hard to admit that out loud.

  11. getting in better shape.

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