Weekly poll #78: What is your employment situation in your household?

Choose as many answers that apply.

***poll has been edited to add student status….should update in about 15-30 minutes (it is now 3:35pm CST for me)


  1. I marked “other” and that is what we are—both students.

  2. Full time car salesman and part time nursing assistant.

  3. I went ahead and amended the poll to reflect student statuses. It should update shortly, I believe.

  4. Hubby works full time and goes to school full time at night……he’s amazing! I’m a music teacher and just work part time and the rest of the time I get to be a stay at home wife.

  5. Hooray! Thanks. 😉

  6. I work full time from home.My husband’s business is very slow because of the economy so he is home alot but is working on developing a different business which seems to be developing into something big…he has had to “re-invent” himself.

  7. we both have part time jobs, but i marked other as well because my husband has a couple of little secondary jobs to bring in a little more money.

  8. Both hubby and I work full time (usually about 45 hours a week each). But I am fortunate enough to be able to work from my office at home so that I can stay home with our 19-month-old son.

  9. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband has been unemployed since the end of Sept. Our soon to be 11 year old gets the picture, but his 5 year old sister still doesn’t get it.

  10. I didn’t know what to put for me. I am a teacher so sork under 40 hours and have my breaks so I chose part time even though it would really be considered full. H makes his own hours as he is self employed and this has been great for our family life. H can take time off to do things with the kids like drive teams out of town, coach or chaperone overnight school trips. The kids and I have been so blessed by that over the years.

  11. I’m a mixed bag. I am an after school nanny. I have been with the same family for 3.5 years. Other then that I am a housewife. My most wonderful husband is the main bread winner for our family.

  12. Husband works full time, but he owns his own business. This can be great, and hard at the same time. Lots of hours, but can take off if he needs to.
    I work part time (30 hours a week) at our church in the office. Our kids go to the daycare at the church so I can visit them whenever I want. I LOVE IT and I am SO blessed to have this job!

  13. He works 50+ hours a week, but across the street from our house. He’s home for lunch for and hour every day…which is amazing!

  14. Wow, my husband works in the oil field usually more than 100 hrs a week. I am a teacher which is definitely a full time job. We have 3 kids which is another full time job. I am very blessed because even with this hectic schedule my husband and I are very devoted to OUR time! We are often really tired, but never give up any time we can enjoy each other!

  15. My husband works full time as a document specialist for a communication company and I work part time as a community developer and of course full time mum lol which makes me a little busy 😉

  16. well i marked other because i am a stay at home wife but my husband is at technical training for the USAF so he is in a different state.

  17. I am a stay at home mom/wife, but I also home school our 2 little girls (10 & 8). My husband became sick 2 years ago and received a heart transplant almost a year ago, so he was forced to quit working and has had to go on disability while he recovers. He does do side work on websites for some extra money for us. He is hoping to get back to full time work, praying for a work from home job doing website work.

  18. Teaching and Own our own businesses, times have been tough and we have had to change our business model to accommodate plus I had to go back to teaching, husband may as well until we are bringing in more income from the new business model.

  19. Right now we’re both part-time grad students with part time GAs in our departments, so we’re both part-time students who work part-time. When we first got married, we both worked full time; then, he went back to grad school, so he went to school part time/work part-time and I continued to work full-time. As a result, he was home so much more than me (and he’s so much more organized), so he was kind of the “house-husband” too. Now we both have crazy schedules. I feel so blessed that I have a husband who is okay with being the one who does the dishes and laundry while I’m doing homework or at work.

  20. I work 40+ hrs/wk as a vet tech, and hubby works part time in retail and is a full time student.

  21. I work at our daughters’ gym to pay for their dance and gymnastics maybe 10 hrs. a week. And my hubby and I do small construction jobs to help pay down medical bills and our last debt. But I still consider myself a stay at home mom.

  22. My husband works full time. I used to work full time but had to do on disability due to the fact that I have multiple sclorsis. That was really hard for me to accept because I wanted to help support our family. Now I realize that was a blessing in descize from God because it allowed me to stay at home with our three sons and be involed with school activities. That was 1998 when I went on disability. Now I have one son in his first year of college, one junior and one sophmore in high school. They are all good students and good kids. My husband and I have been married going on 24 years. If this sounds like your situationm ,just remember that He has your life in His hands and it is in control. I have been soooo blessed in many ways. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

  23. My husband is a farmer – many,many hours in the summer – winter is probably only 6 to 8 hrs daily – 7 days a week. we have cattle. i work 32 hrs wkly at a hosp – evenings and nights.

  24. My husband works on an offshore drilling rig. He’s home for 4 weeks then gone for 4 weeks. We really miss each other when he’s gone but when he’s at home we have 4 weeks to do whatever or go wherever we want. I’m a stay-at-home mom.

  25. I can relate in many ways. We are self employed and have seen little to no income in over 4 years. My husband is trying desperately to make things work but we’ll lose our house soon. We have three boys. (12,5,3) I can say that it’s broadened my understanding of faith. I hope He’s done testing us soon, I’m so tired. Maybe we can pray for eachother.

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