Sentence Starters

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One thought that always makes me smile, is …



  1. The thought that always makes me smile is how awesome God is . I was a sinner and yet he loves me and has blessed me with an awesome husband (24 years) and beautiful family. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  2. how tender dh is with me.

  3. when we predict what the other is thinking about. It is funny to see how the longer we’re together, the more in sync we think!

  4. Since this just happened last night, it certainly makes me smile. Last night, DH was trying to wheedle me into sleeping naked (which I do frequently, but I like to save it for special occasions). He was teasing me and saying, “You never sleep naked ever.” 😀 Then all of a sudden he realized he had bumped a button on his cell phone and called his boss. So the conversation went like this…”…you never sleep naked…what? Oh hi, no I don’t need anything. Sorry I called you accidentally. Umm…did you hear any of our conversation?” 😀 😀 😀 I laughed all day about this.

  5. Topheavy, I just can’t imagine anything happening like that. Probably better to keep the phones switched off when making love :).

  6. How much I am loved.

  7. The sound and sight of my DH laughing. Always, always makes me smile. Even when I’m hopping mad

  8. But that is what is funny! We weren’t making love at all! We were just talking and he realized he had accidentally called someone. Makes me laugh all over again just thinking about it.

  9. When hubby puts his arm across my shoulders or squeezes my hand. Such a simple gesture, yet says so much :).

  10. “Oh goody he’s home!”

  11. When I think about the time we made love 1st thing in the morning & I sent his work email the message, “That was a great way to start our day. Love ya!.” Then he comes home that night and tells me the 3 guys he works with have access to his email and were real quiet when he walked in. :O)

    I don’t send personal messages to that email anymore.

  12. Tantalizing my husband via his email account on the ship. I can’t include anything explicit in my messages (and vice versa), but boy do we still know how to get it across to each other! 😉

  13. Watching my DH sleep, he’s so adorable! I end up saying ‘thank you Lord for this great gift’!

  14. when my DH texts me. he’s always flirting with me via text messages. also we’ve gotten really good at making any and everything into an inside joke about the size of his member – it’s quite fun!

  15. how lucky I am! God has blessed me beyond anything I could have thought up on my own!

  16. Being able to spend time with my DH.

  17. Just thinking about my hubby and spending time with him. His smile and the way he looks at me always makes me smile.

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