Weekly poll #79: How often do you enjoy shower sex?

So, the Nutmegs got a new bathtub/fixtures/the works, and of course, it had to be christened….which leads to this week’s poll….. You may choose more than one answer if it applies.



  1. We can’t have shower sex because we can’t have any standing up sex! That’s what happens when you have a 1 ft. height difference. 😦

    BUT, perhaps one day we could make it work if we a big shower with a built in seat (the sort that is so good for shaving your legs! lol). I’m not getting my hopes up, though…

    We do, however, like to shower together, especially when we’re in hotels with a bigger shower. We would love to get a larger shower with multiple shower heads one day. 😀

  2. We don’t very often because of our schedules….and our water heater doesn’t work so we have to make showers quick…we’d like to change that though 🙂

  3. Congratulations Nutmeg 🙂

  4. We’ve been in the shower together, which I loved ;). And we should do that more often. But we’ve never actually done it in the shower. Or in the bath. Hmmm…;)

  5. We shower often together, but limited space and a bit of a height difference has made it hard to find a way that really works – that combined with his crazy work schedule right now really limits our shower time anyways.

  6. we have a small shower and we have been in there together but we haven’t actually had sex. I plan to ambush him in there though and soon probably just to give him oral not for intercourse.

  7. We hit the showers together a couple times a month. Sometimes there is no sex. Sometimes it ends with a facial (easy clean up). Sometimes it ends with PIV.

    And there is a foot difference in height for us too. We do rear entry and it works fine.

  8. We’ve never done it either. We’ve tried but can’t make it work. Standing up sex in general doesn’t work. He’s quite a bit taller and our bathtub is a small apartment tub. Our weight issues don’t help either. Hopefully we can figure it out eventually.

  9. we don’t do it often because of our small shower… 😦 we have before and love it but our shower is so small.

  10. Hotel sex! Don’t have to worry about the water heater or the water bill! I love it, but at home, if it takes a while, I get distracted wondering how much water we are using. We probably have shower sex several times a year (mostly in hotels). I really love the slippery-soapy feeling. Just be careful not to fall (another reason hotels are good because some have the handicapped bars in the shower to hold on to).

  11. We could have it more often if we could actually fit better in our shower. And Like a few of the others standing up causes issues height wise even though we are near each others height.

  12. Same here. No sex but lots of showers together. The angles just never worked for us.

  13. we shower together often but like most of you posting we can’t really seem to make it work. it’s really fun to get things ‘going’ in the shower and then finish somewhere else though!

  14. We have a tiny stand up shower, so now shower sex at home 😦 But we have enjoyed it while on vacations!! However, we do have a BIG tub at home and have begun to use it more often!!

  15. I didn’t vote cuz we don’t do it very often. I could count on one hand the number of times we have done it in the past 25 years. When we do its usually in a motel.

  16. Try it again feistyfeminista….my hubby is more than a foot taller, and it works! Just stand on your tippy toes and have him bend his knees

  17. We have tried it before. Unfortanty it doesnt work out great for us. I seem to be taller than him so their is a hight diffrence. When it did work once it was fun.

  18. Ha, well, if we ever get it, it will probably be OUTSIDE the shower–I’m pretty scared of slipping, so I want to have the standing sex thing down long before I try anything potentially dangerous! 😉

    I’m really not sure how you’ve managed your success, btw. Maybe you’re just more athletic than we are? Even if we got in, I feel like we could stay in such an awkward position for all of three minutes.

  19. I am a big fan of shower sex (even if it tends to achieve more giggles than orgasms). It’s not something my DH is into. He’s so scared of my getting hurt that he won’t try. We do shower together often, so at least we get to enjoy some of the slippery fun. 🙂

  20. Awesome Idea…

  21. I didn’t vote because we only have shower sex a couple of times a year. We have a tankless water heater, so that’s not a problem. DH loves this, but he can actually get his shower accomplished at the same time. I still have to do all the shaving, conditioning, etc… and it just really ends up wearing me out. Maybe I just need to be in better shape 🙂

  22. Try a nonslip stool or foot stand. Also extra hand and foot braces help.

    Talk about FUN! We made certain the shower has extra hand holds and foot grips when we bought our home – lol. I tell my friends that the shower is what sold the house. 🙂

    I love shower sex, if you have a large enough shower it is a great way to play for quite a long time. We have two dual shower heads on each wall so the streams hit all over and we also have a system that saves water and heating it so we have little if any waste.

    We also have a nice assortment of toys that are usable in the shower which has added hours of extra fun for us (not hours at one time).

  23. We have a small shower, butit can be done. Right now it’s not so doable because I’m six months pregnant, and bending over like that for too long makes me dizzy. But shower sex is fun! And much easier clean upI

  24. We do shower 2gether sometimes but we only enjoy the touching, tickling and kisses. Also the slipppery feelings of the soap is always fantastic. We haven’t actually tried sex in there cos one may slip and get injured. Moreover sex while standing doesn’t really work for us cos of different heights.

  25. we’re very similiar in height BUT i have longer legs, he a longer torso. I’ve got a lotta butt to work around but we’re able to ‘get it done’ though if I bend over and reach for my ankles while he does a little tippy toe. i do bend my knees a bit in order help line things up easier.

    i chose not to vote bc we’ve only had PIV in the shower…3 or 4 times. Though we’ve showered together more than that in which i utilize hand jobs or oral. the last time was during my cycle and we chose to forgo birthcontrol for that (we use condoms). a few months ago…..we’re clearly due. 🙂

    oh, we’ve been married 2 years. to get perspective on the 3-4 times.

  26. We haven’t figured out how to do the deed in the shower, but we do like to clean each other up in the shower by lathering each other up with soap. Of course sex always follows the shower.

  27. I picked only a handful per month, but really it’s like once every 3-4 months. The logistics just don’t work for us. In fact, any standing position is difficult because my hubby is 8 inches taller than me. We just haven’t quite figured it out. We sometimes will shower together, wash each other, etc, but the sex happens after the shower is over.

  28. A couple of tips for shower sex – a frequent must for us (quick, multipurpose, private from the kids). If you have a traditional bathtub/shower combo, put an extra spring rod down the middle of the top of the shower (above the tiles). It gives you something to hold onto that is secure, and also a place to hang extra towels to dry – what can I say, I’m practical. Be sure to use plenty of the no slip stickers on the bottom of the tub. Gotta have them to keep the kids safe, too. Also, install a water saving attachment behind your showerhead that you can push the lever and control the water flow. Can’t find what they are called! But you can turn off the water by pushing the lever. You can also leave it at just a trickle so it doesn’t get too cold in there. Plus the removable showerhead with the hose is a must. Also, there are hand grips and foot rests available that stick onto the wall, especially for this purpose. They say they work with 4 inch tile, but we couldn’t make them stick. 😦 They do stick to any ultra smooth surface though, anywhere (like dishwasher, kitchen laminate surface, washer, etc.). None of this may help those with too much height difference, but would still be fun!

  29. Shower sex is a great place for beginners to give DH oral, its easy clean up and swallowing isn’t an issue. Then if he’s a generous husband, he’ll follow in kind outside the shower! But even if its just soapy skin on skin the feeling is so sensual.

  30. A pair of cheap plastic type heels with slip guards on the bottom help increase your height and a wet naked woman in heels gets any man happy.:)
    Or let him just use your thighs from the back while you use a waterproof toy.

  31. I bought a “safety handle” at my local hardware store. It’s a handle with suction cups that you can attach anywhere, and it’s quite sturdy. The package specifically warns that it won’t hold body weight, and I use it primarily as a foot prop to shave my legs, but you just got me thinking it’d be great to move a little higher and could be used as a grip/prop in our stand up shower…… Thanks!

  32. My husband and I enjoy showers together whether we’re at home or at a hotel,but for us,it’s a time for us to do the basics such as touching,kissing,shampooing hair and scrubbing backs.It helps to get the juices flowing.It’s a nice prelude to round 2 which takes place in bed which is what we prefer.As far as the shower,it doesn’t really work for us.We make our own fun our way!

  33. My husband and I recently engaged in a steamy shower session. Even though our shower is barely big enough for both of us, we still enjoy it. It started great standing and ended great with him sitting on the floor and me straddling him. Afterward I noticed a mark on his right butt cheek. It looked like a waffle imprint. Apparently he had been sitting on the shower drain during our vigorous activity. The imprint stayed on his backside for a good 4-5 days. One of his nicknames is now “Waffle Butt” He likes it. Reminds him of our fun time together.

  34. Well, we have showered together often. Since we are getting older, and not quite as skinny as we used to be, we do not have sex in the shower like we used to. I do have to say that we still shower together and enjoy that. We will wash each other as we have in the past. It is very wonderful to be washed by my husband; and for me to do the same to him. It is a great expression of love.

  35. We’ve never had actual sex in the shower – we tried a bit of foreplay in the shower while on our honeymoon but thats about it.

    I’m a little overweight in comparison to my dh who is very skinny (and I’m pretty sure I’d hurt him if he tried to pick me up.

  36. Oh My GOODNESSS!!! Anal sex in the shower is AMAZING!!! We recently went shopping for some new sex toys and bought several that stick onto the wall of the shower – talk about AMAZING!!! My husband even backed up onto one and felt a twinge or two. That is when I got the greatest idea ever and ewe both enjoyed one at the same time. I have’t had this much fun just playing in months!!! I definitely have a new favorite play time now.

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