Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


When I visualize my husband’s penis, I …



  1. … I imagine sucking on it and/or it going in and out of me… and then get very frustrated if I can’t have sex right away!

    It’s funny–I used to masturbate all the time before we were married, usually just concentrating on the good feelings or hoping to one day have someone to make love with. I certainly never used porn or anything and generally didn’t even visualize much. But now I basically can’t masturbate without envisioning my husband’s penis. It’s like my drug…

  2. I want it in my mouth and my pleasure zone

  3. I want to jump his bones.

  4. wish it was at home with me, with him attached! 🙂

  5. Get instantly turned on and start to get wet… him and his thing!

  6. get aroused. Can;t help it.

  7. Think HOLY COW, I’m one blessed woman and so it he 🙂

  8. get serioiusly turned on.

  9. Get crazy turned on and want it in my mouth. Unless, like today, he wakes me up with it in my face asking where the clean underwear is being all silly wiggling it in my face. Then I have a giggle problem. 🙂 But I am still turned on just with the giggles added.

  10. I want to suck it !!!!!!

  11. get a grlie erection hmmmm he is reading on the couch right now maybe I will go jump him!

  12. same here… it’s funny how we’re all thinking the same thing – sucking it! hmmmm, can’t wait till the kids are in bed….

  13. My first genuine reaction: *giggle* and *blush*

    I’m going to try to respond to this one without seeing others comments first to make sure I’m not colored by their responses.

    ……..I salivate.

  14. Hilarious that so many comments are similiar. Guess there isn’t much diversity in thought there, lol!

  15. want it inside me.

  16. I get excited and feel warm all over…I am so lucky to have such a great husband! I love his penis….we have a lot of fun together!!!!

  17. I smile, maybe blush, and definitely want some action ;).

  18. I also think about wanting it in my mouth! I love making him hard this way:)

  19. Yes, this is a very sensitive area on almost all men.

  20. Feel turned on and comforted at the same time! It’s comforting to think of him
    In this way when we are not together, but that quickly turns into frustration!!

  21. get reeeeeeally turned on, ESPECIALLY when i know he’s hard (no other way to say it 😛 hahahah). though i’ll admit i’m “struggling” with a personal roadblock over going down on him….we’ve only been married for half a year, so i’m not too concerned over myself (but am at the same time, worrying….) but it’s like, i really want to, then get really embarassed at myself for wanting to, then feel a wierd combonation of embarassment over feeling like i let him/myself down because i backed out of it….even though i wanted to….(make sense??) ….such a goofy situation. and it’s becoming more and more annoying to me that i cant just get over myself.

  22. I know how you feel. I’ve also been married for 6 months and for a while I had the same mental blocks you’re going through, especially when it involved giving hubby oral sex or anything that had to do with me being on top. In short, it just didn’t feel right. After much prayer and getting a better understanding of sex and both my body and his (through reading his book on sex 😉 ), I’m ready to give him some surprises when he comes back into port (he’s Navy) ;).

    It takes time. Don’t be hard on yourself. 🙂

  23. Just remember that you can ease into this – you don’t have to do everything the first (or second or third…) time. He would probably really like it if you just started by kissing his penis. Then, as you gain confidence, you can work your way up to other things. Also, as a newlywed, you have lots of time to try new things with him. Just try to relax and have fun.

  24. oral testicle play helped me ease into it. There is a great article here on CN about it.

  25. want him now!

  26. This manly power that he has. Like its a special gift for me and only me.

  27. get wet

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