Sacred Sex: Chp. 1

My plan for these chapter discussions isn’t to ramble on and on about what we read.  I just want to hit on a couple of things that stood out to me in the chapter, and then have you all give your input about something that stood out to you.  The questions at the end of the chapter are for you and your spouse, however there may be one that sparks our conversation on here from time to time.  If you would like to discuss a certain quote or paragraph, please give us the page number to what you are referring to so that we can see what you are talking about.  So as far as chapter 1 goes, here are my thoughts…

There is a quote on page 8 that I love:  “The full truth about sex is this:  It is both sacred and polluted, holy and desecrated.  The sacredness of sex is not based on how we treat it or mistreat it.  Its sacredness is based on its essence, which comes from God. Sex is holy because God created it to be holy.” Basically this whole first chapter is talking about how holy sex really is, and I believe he does a good job of giving examples (like Moses with the burning bush) to help us with this understanding.

On page 11 there is a section called:  The Lies That Hold Us Back.  This section really resonates with me because I have two sons.  One will be in middle school next year and oh how that scares me!  We have had the talk and he does know about sex, but I don’t think I ever used the word “holy” with him when talking about it.  I have made a mental note to do so.

I really liked his further discussion of the Holiness of Sex on page 15 where he said:  This deeper dimension is experienced when we move past pleasure as a goal and instead seek intimate connection—not just with our bodies but also with our souls. How true!  Sex is so much more than just a way to reach orgasm.  There have been times that I have looked into my husband’s eyes while making love, and swore that I was staring straight into his soul.  It has brought me to tears.

I had not ever given thought to Gen 2:24 being the first brief description of making love in the bible.  (p. 16)

He compares sex being holy to the act of communion being holy on page 18.  Very interesting.

He talks on pages 20-21 about how marriage therapy and sex therapy are considered two different fields of expertise that focus on two separate sets of problems.  He doesn’t agree with that and thinks that it should all be combined together into marital counseling.  I read his reasoning and it makes sense, however I still feel like the two can be and should be separated in some cases.  This is something that I will continue to give thought to.

Those were the main thoughts that I took away from chapter one.  What about you?

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