Weekly poll #80: What kind of breast play do you enjoy most?

I know you could probably choose several of these answers, but which one do you enjoy the MOST?


  1. I like side boob caressing when I’m really turned on :).

  2. I love sucking right from the beginning. It is part of begin ravished that I like so much. I love for my husband to come up to me kiss me, pull out my breast and go to town. Then my next vote would be nipples pinched and pulled because soon after the first I want the next. A combination of sucking, pulling, and lightly pinching gets my motor purring for more fun!

  3. Mmmmm, I love for DH to suck them all the time we are ML! When I am about to have the big O, he pulls on them and …WOW! Somehow makes it awesome!

  4. My breasts were super sensitive when we were first married and I would never let my husband touch them unless he held his hands still. In the last couple of years my breasts have grown to like being touched. In fact, now my nipples get very erect when we’re warming things up. Often times I orgasm just by my husband taking my nipple into his mouth and sucking as much of my breast into his mouth that he can. I can’t explain what changed but the feeling I get is fantastic and I’m often so wet by the time he gets done sucking on my breasts that he can pull right into port and finish inside of me. If he doesn’t suck on my breasts I enjoy him pinching the tips of my nipples between his fingers when he is giving me oral.

  5. I like sucking, but only after I’m a little turned on already.

    One of our most common positions is cowgirl, which means my husband can’t actually suck them while having sex, but instead he rubs my nipples with the backs of his fingers, more gently at first, but then faster and faster. 🙂

    On a related noted: My husband also likes to have his nipples played with, though he prefers more intense sucking or pinching form the beginning. BUT he didn’t have any idea he would like it until I tried it on him. It was funny to me that he didn’t know his own body in this one regard because in most regards I think men know their bodies better than women. I guess a lot of men just don’t think to bother with their nipples when they jack off?

  6. Sometimes when my hubby has his arms around me when we hug, he’ll move his hand to my boobs and give them a quick squeeze (and say “honk honk” at the same time). Not very arousing, but it does get a smile out of both of us :).

  7. The whole nine yards! Start with a teasing fondle, flick with the tongue, nibble a time or two, and a timely dual pinch or bite. It’s all in the timing.

  8. No love for the side boob? I love getting stimulation there at the beginning. As arousal increases, then and only then do I not really care what hubby does with my boobs after that ;).

  9. Ooh, so hard to just pick one!

  10. I like DH fondling the whole breast. Then after things have been going a while pinching the nipples tops things off.

  11. I love when he caresses my entire breast. But is it strange that I do NOT like nipple play?? It’s not that it’s really painful… just annoying! And what’s worse is that my hubby is a ‘nipple’ kinda guy! He wants me to get something to numb them.. but I don’t think that would work for me. You know when a part of your body goes numb from rubbing the same little spot over and over again… And how annoying that feeling is? That’s what it feels like all the time! So numbing them would probably just make the feeling even MORE annoying. Is there ANYONE else out there that can relate to this?? And are there any tips or tricks on what to do about it? Or am I just completely strange?

  12. Lol! No, I fee exactly the same way. I prefer side boob play!

  13. I used to be bored over breast play. Now I love it. I love having DH take as much breast as he can in his mouth while squeezing with his hand. I love when we do reverse spoon position and he reaches his hand around and squeezes my breast hard, massaging it. So I wanted to vote for sucking and squeezing.

  14. Needed an all of the above option! 😉 I love variety!

  15. I can totally relate to the numbing thing. I thought it was just me. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  16. I love nipple play. I chose pinched/pulled. I have always enjoyed when my DH would play with them, but recently I have become to extremely enjoy the pinching and pulling. It seems like he can’t do it enough or hard enough. Has anyone tried nipple clamps? Or what is your take on using them? Is that a bit to much or still safe to pursue?

  17. I have a pair of nipple clamps and I love them! My husband could go either way if I like them he does! I have vibrating ones that are enjoyable. The only thing is that sometimes they can be made cheap. If you find ones that are a little bit more expensive I would spend the money because the cheaper ones really dont last long! Good luck!

  18. OOWWWWWWie! Sounds painful. Electricity near my nipples.

    However, I do like the occasional nipple pinch and pull when aroused sufficiently. A talented pair of lips can do a rather nice job on hard turned on nipples.

  19. I love it all!! So hard to pick just one!!

  20. Side boobs. Definitely side boobs. 🙂

  21. Unparalleled accuracy, unequviocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  22. all of the above. Anyone else ever had a “boobgasm?” WhooHoooo

  23. I love having my boobs sucked and my nipples licked. Very pleasurable for me. I also love when my husband plays with my boobs at the same time as he is eating me (going down on me). There seems to be a real connection between breasts and genitals, nipples and clit (at least for me). That dual action really gets me going! And right at the point of orgasm, then I like having my nipples pulled.

    This might be a weird question, but do any of you ever suck or lick your own boobs or nipples? When I masturbate I always enjoy a little boob play as well (caressing, squeezing, pulling my nipples etc). I’m quite well endowed, so recently I’ve started licking my own nipples too. Obviously, it is not as pleasurable as when my husband does it, but I have to admit, it still feels pretty good. Does anyone else do this or am I really weird for doing it?

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