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Using mirrors in the bedroom is …



  1. Not for me but would if we were in shape.

  2. Sexy 🙂 I wish we had more around the house–but our TV is pretty reflective, so we’ll use that too sometimes….I love it 🙂

  3. My Valentines Day plan!

  4. Oh my gosh my husband and I went to Vegas and of course our room had one wall of mirrors on one side of the bed it was the best ever! I will have mirror sex anytime now totally turns both of us on!!!! He has a huge mirror in his closet we are definately going to be making use of closet time in the future!!!!

  5. …sooooo hot and sexy! Love it!

  6. We have no mirrors in the bedroom. Sounds like a distraction to me.

  7. very hot! and very motivating to stay in shape! we’re getting ready to buy a new house and my husband has requested that we decorate our new room with mirrors…

  8. Sooooo HOT!! Love it whenever it’s possible!! 🙂

  9. very scary, lol definite motivational for me. # kids in 6 years. That says it all 🙂

  10. We haven’t made love in front of a mirror, but we video taped us…a huge turnon when my husband viewed it…for years it embarrased me but now I’m not so conciencous about my shape, my husband is so crazy about me and my body…my shape is not so important. Being willing to be free and excited to please each other is so much more important. Making love in front of a mirror is something we are going to figure out a way to do it. Looking forward to it!!

  11. Something we don’t do intentionally, but I love to look when I get the chance!!! Thinking I will make a point to “use” the mirror soon!

  12. Super fun! use all the senses you can!

  13. Ehhh, hot in theory, but in actuality, kinda distracting lol

  14. …not going to happen…

  15. something we do ALL the time! We have a nice full-length mirror that we place either next to the bed or at the end of the bed.

  16. TERRIFYING!!! 😛 …i’m with you lucy walker hahahaha

  17. Awesome! I’d love to get another mirror. Or one on the ceiling.

  18. Hi there

    this is one thing we found really good, while my hubby is on the couch and I am giving him oral. Put a mirror behind you so he can see, if you position your body right he can get a good view of certain parts of your body and it really works nicely. Drove him nuts!!!


  19. super fun! We have them on our dressers, 1 on the wall and want to install them on the closet. We’ve consider putting them on the ceiling above the bed but wondered what our adult kids might think. 😛 😀 😉 We once stayed in a motel that had one above the bed & we really liked it.

  20. Surprisingly fantastic! We were in a hotel recently that had several full-length mirrors, and boy did we enjoy them!

  21. hot, but I wish I was in better shape.

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