Weekly poll #81: What gift would you like the MOST on Valentines Day? (choose 1)


  1. Something handmade and thoughtful, like a love letter or something of the sorts.

  2. I choose quality time. I have three teenage kids and one involved in high school swimming inwhich we go to every meet. Between meets,work,and life in general, quality tume is LAST TIME is last in line though not intented to be that way. I know that the hot sex will be included in that quality time 😀

  3. quality time that ends up with hot sex!

  4. hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time! We get to hear our baby’s heartbeat on the 14th of this month! ❤

  5. This was actually a tough choice!! I would love any one of those, but I picked quality time since my hubby and I don’t get much of it and it can mean ANYTHING! This month will be special in that my hubby actually has two Saturdays off – Whoo hoo!!! He’s planning a trip to the zoo and a romantic concert … I’m so excited to have quality time with him this month and it’s very special that he is taking the time to plan it, even tho I am sure he would like to just relax and do nothing for a change. I love him for his efforts! Great poll, Spice girls!

  6. I would really love a long, uninterrupted meal with him. His work schedule is so hectic right now that if on the off chance he’s even home for supper, he’s so tired he’s falling asleep in his chair. I’m already forming my battle plan… 🙂

  7. we get to have hot sex on an almost nightly basis, the romantic dinners are few and far between though so i choose a romantic dinner. (i know that it will be followed by hot sex anyway!)

  8. My dh gives the best foot rubs/pedicures in the world!

  9. Spending quality time with my hubby with little to no distractions, culminating in some hot, spicy, fantastic sex!

  10. a combonation…. id like an emerald ring…and hot sex. 🙂

  11. I’m the one person who chose the card. I know it seems small compared to the other options. And I know actions speak louder. But I so need the WORDS right now. I need to read or hear him say what I mean to him. I’ve been hoping for this for months now.

  12. I’ve been wanting an ereader. The sex is implied. 🙂

  13. Agree with many above, quality time ALWAYS leads to HOT SEX!

  14. Valentines day is a double wammy for my husband, It’s also my b-day. We have been married for 12 yrs. Just like wine it’s gotten better with age. Lol! We have both been very busy lately, I own my own catering business, Hubby works 3rd shift plus on top of it all we are remodeling our 1971 house. Oh what fun 🙂 with all that said My Dear Dear husband Top it this year. He took off a 4 day weekend & called my mom and made plans for her to take the kids. Made reservations at a cabin in the mountains, with a hot tub, we live near Gatlinburg Tn. So 4 days, alone, in a cabin, with no kids = alone time, romance & HOT, HOT SEX!!! I’m counting down the days..

  15. I had a baby on Christmas Eve (#5 for us). I vote for a night of no kids in our bed and a full night of sleep with my hubby beside me. This may not seem very sexy to anyone, but right now we are too tired for sex 🙂 Our little girl is sleeping longer between feedings, but we are still exhausted right now. And I miss just snuggling in my husbands arms (baby sleeps between us).

  16. wow I’m so jealous have fun!!!!

  17. A full body massage!

  18. Even though we spend lots of time together…. having a relaxing afternoon of great sex and then off to dinner and a movie! The perfect day!

  19. My vote as well 🙂

  20. Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy Valentines Day to us!

  21. Have any of you had your feet washed as Jesus did with his apostles? My super hubby did that for me on my birthday and it was great, and surprisingly sensual.

  22. Hot Sex HOT SEX – Woot Woot!!!

    We had a great time!

  23. Due to scheduling, we had to celebrate the Friday after VDay. My husband works 55-60 hour weeks. (He’s an accountant and it’s tax season.) He usually works Saturdays, but this year he worked extra during the week without telling me, and when he took me out for dinner Friday, he surprised me by telling me that he had the whole weekend off and had already planned it out. We had a blast cooking together, going out to new restaurants, walking in the park, bowling, and all sorts of other things. While he did give me the traditional gifts, just the time we spent together and the work he did to make it special was the best gift I ever could have hoped for.

  24. I finally got ym V-day gift. My husband has been traveling for work until now. He gave me the best strip show ever! It was so worth the wait.

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