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“My hubby likes me to call him Daddy and he calls me Baby Girl, and My Girl when we are in bed … I am okay with it mostly, but I have had people question its appropriateness … implying there is something REALLY WRONG with it.  What do you think?”

First of all, I’d have no problem in telling those friends to butt out.  It’s my marriage and my husband and whatever pet names we choose to call each other is my business.  They can keep their judgments to themselves or hit the road.  (That’s just the way I roll 😆 )  You may not be as bold or you may not want to come off so rude, or you may care too much about their friendships to risk losing them.  So how you handle your friends is up to you.

For further insight though… experience may play a key role here.  Others may have some major issues with this because of past trauma or abuse.  Imagine the woman who was molested as a child by a ‘father figure’ or the woman who was beaten by an abusive husband and made to call him “daddy.”   The thoughts of calling their now husband “daddy” may be the furthest thing from their minds.  It could be revolting for them, and they may not understand at all how you could find that to be a ‘normal loving pet name’ for your dh.  So I would try and be aware of and sensitive to my friends’ situations.

As far as the issue of pet names goes… again that is between you and your husband.  I think it’s totally fine.  I call my dh “daddy” all the time because that is what I call him around the kids “Go ask daddy.”  “Daddy, can you make him a PB sandwich?”  That type of thing.  So even when the kids are gone I will sometimes call him that out of habit (and yes, I’ve used that term in bed a few times too…not as if I’m calling him my daddy, but just calling him that because he is the daddy of our children and that’s his role).  If you and your husband find those pet names to be loving towards each other then don’t allow others to rob you of your joy.  Just my opinion 🙂


  1. i find that when people say rude or hateful things about how i relate to my husband, i agree completely with the comment about telling people to just “butt out”. those exact words can be very effective, especially when paired with a laugh or an eye roll.

    i call my husband Dorkboy (he’s even programmed into my cell phone under that name) because i love his dorky qualities and love him for his goofy silliness. people used to give me crap about it, but i tell them to just lay off it. but if they just ask why, i give them this simple explanation: i call him that because that’s how i love him. and the rest of it is no one’s business but ours

  2. My hubby and I have pet names for each other,but they’re between us and we don’t use ’em in public. They’re not dirty or questionable by any means. I just feel they’re special to the point I keep them solely between us :).

  3. I think I wouldn’t tell those friends anything about my relationship with my husband anymore. I understand the urge to talk about sex with your girlfriends but that’s what CN is for. 🙂

  4. I think the question should posted to the writer, are you really ok with it? She says mostly but I wonder what that means. Does it ever make you uncomfortable? And if so, why? You should never do something in your marriage that you aren’t comfortable with and a loving husband should not ask you to do so. If you truly comfortable with the pet names then tell those friends to butt out! Its none of their business what you and your husband do in bed and what you call each other. I guess I wonder why they even know if its names used in intimate times. If you are only feeling uncomfortable with it at all thanks to your “friends” questioning it then its time to find new friends or reconsider how much you share.

  5. Maureen, I was thinking along the same lines you were – what does “mostly” mean? It seems the respondents are coming down on your friends but I have to tell you if my husband wanted me to call him daddy during sex I would be creeped right out. We have no children and I would really wonder why he would want that.

  6. i call my dh daddy because we have two puppies and we got the youngest one when she was two weeks old. she was such a little daddy’s doggy… we are now pregnant and i still call him daddy. but we also call each other Baby.

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