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One thing I struggle with is …



  1. Not letting my emotions drive my thoughts and actions. It’s an on-going challenge, but with His help, I stop to pray more. Definitely makes a difference in how hubby and I communicate ^_^.

  2. Insecurity….I am reading a book right now about insecurity and working on my thought processes….for me nothing changes overnight. I wish I could turn a switch…just not happening….. I keep working on it!

  3. the rebuilding of trust between my husband and me after I was unfaithful.

  4. Feeling good about myself some days you just feel ugh!

  5. Still getting past the, good church girls don’t, thinking.

    I was raised in the church and in trying to keep me safe and pure my mom went a bit too far. I got to the point where I was ashamed of the fact that I had breasts. I tried to hide them. (Hard since I was a C at 16) It’s been a long road for me and my husband as I learn that its ok to be proud of my body and ok to let my husband want it. I’m still learning and growing even after almost 10 years. I hope I am able to instill a better view in my girls. One of modesty but still knowing that their body is a gift from God and something to be shared with a loving husband.

  6. …feeling unattractive.

  7. Not thinking of my husband and his needs as much as I should. I get caught up in other good things for others and I get burnt out. It is not fair to him to have time and energy for everyone else and neglect my husband. I guess I tend to take him for granted, which is dangerous I know. Can anyone else relate ?

  8. Understanding my DH. I have the bigger drive and at times I feel I’m having to beg for sex. It really is frustrating because we are very good at it. I just wish I would walk through the door and he would attack me. Then I would feel like he NEEDS me

  9. My husband’s past. Not even sure why I am so intimidated by it. He is with me now so why does what he did before me bother me so much?

  10. I feel you on this one. I wish I had the answers. It is so frustrating at times. I just want to scream!

  11. the fear that this marriage is never going to get significantly better.

  12. I second “KittieCat” – my husband’s past is a touchy subject with me, too. You really do have to tell yourself (all the time!!) that he is with you now…you won the prize! 😉

  13. currently? …feeling disgustingly ugly inside and out when I feel like he’d rather choose porn over me!

  14. Been there, done that.. With any luck, your marriage will be even stronger in the end. Just takes time, patience and a lot of heartache along the way. 🙂

  15. Oh, Nellie, how my heart ached as I read your post! Having a husband who struggles with an addiction to pornography, I know how desperate and unwanted it can make you feel. My prayers are for your husband to be released from the hold of such evil, and for you as you bear the weight of your husbands choices. I pray that God will protect your heart from the lies and hurts that attacks you. Blessings to you.

  16. Remembering that making love to my husband is a gift, and not a chore. A combination of problems and medication have left me with NO sex drive. I love my husband dearly, and thank God every day for creating him for me to share my life with, but sometimes I dread being with him and can’t wait until it’s over.

  17. having courage to face each day while he’s gone.

  18. *Hugs* I know what that’s like, as a wife of a sailor.

  19. Oh yes! You have no idea how much I can relate. I always make time and go above and beyond for everyone, but when it comes to my husband, I’m just too burnt out.

    My husband works full time and goes to grad school full time and it’s like I barely acknowledge what he’s going through on a daily basis. It’s so easy for me to drain myself on everything else and have nothing left for him. And I’m not talking physically, I mean emotionally and spiritually. I’m just wiped. He ought to be my priority. Life is not about impressing everyone else around me. It’s a struggle, I know. I’ll pray for you!

    Remember, if you have not love, it profits you nothing! 🙂

  20. The submission, obedience, and respect my husbands deserves from a godly wife.

  21. I feel for ya. I was raised in a Fundamental background myself. That and having a mom who was from a different country and wasn’t brought up with the idea of any spicy (or should it be saucy?) thoughts while growing up made it difficult for me. Thankfully my DH has helped me open up and talk more about sex, and I learned it’s okay to have the occasional thoughts of kink ;).

  22. I can definitely relate. Sometimes I hate it that I have a higher sex drive than my husband. I know he loves me and is attracted to me. It’s just that I feel like I am always the one begging for it and I don’t want to make sex a marriage issue. Something I have had to pray through and give my desires to the Lord.

  23. my husband did this to me, it was one year last oct he walked out… there is no way to find words to discribe this heartache.. I am having a very very hard time… he is the one that needs the patience for me. This evening i am going to see a counselor. I don’t know how anyone gets over something like this.. He came home within weeks, I have been struggling big time.

  24. i can understand that. …it helps to talk with ur hub about it whenever it’s bothering you, to repeat that you forgive him and know it’s behind both of you now… never bottle it in, which is something i struggle with 😛 … but the unignored communication will definately help you here, i can verify so for me at least .. hope this suggestion helps.

  25. …is feeling like how he sees me, and ignoring how i feel like i should see myself–inside and out.
    …and feeling sexy most days

  26. Yes, I have communicated those desires. He says he doesn’t want our sex life to become a chore and sometimes he feels that way. That pushes me even further back. We are very open with our feelings and desires. I keep praying for a miracle and that somehow our sex drives are miraculously matched and hopefully for the better! 😉

  27. Yes it does and thank you so very much for the thoughts.

  28. thankyou, it has been very hard, but we are both fully committed so I know if we keep working we will get there.

  29. I relate, sometimes I feel like my huband wants me to want him constantly, and that is hard to do with 5 childrren!

  30. @ Elaine- I can tell you this, I get impatient with my husband struggling with forgiving me an that is because I struggle with forgiving myself.

  31. self-esteem

  32. telling my DH what I like in bed. He wants to please me both in and out of the bed, but I have a difficult time telling him what I want. He does a great job even without me telling him, but I know he would like to hear me say what I want in bed.

  33. Realizing that I am good enough for my husband and that he truely wants me and only me. I have problems with my self worth from my first marriage and it has been a long road to travel. I hope soon I can over come that and drink in everything his true love has to offer me.

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