Weekly poll #82: Have you ever tried marriage counseling?


  1. We had premarital counseling. We haven’t felt the need to marriage counseling. But that’s not to say we wouldn’t go if we felt we needed it.

  2. We were on the verge but that was when I found CN and other marriage friendly sites that steered ME in a direction that led a renewed intimacy and closeness between me and my H. I found his love language and when I started loving him in that way he started loving me in mine.

    Thanks CN!!

  3. I choose a secular counselor because I could not find a Christian counselor who are also a sex therapist. Unfortunately the experience has not been as productive as I had hoped. We keep going over the same issues without any real change.

  4. We have been to a christian therapist, pastor and with a couple in our church at different times in our 14 yrs. We lived together before marriage, got married at 16 and did not know Christ until our 3rd year of marriage. We have had to re-adjust to growing up together (we were so young) and actually learn about Jesus at the same time as being a biblical spouse. Fast forward to now, 5kids later, and it seems we choose counseling as a mediator and overall help us to grow. We have changed so much from being kids we dont always love the changes. We are doing fine, but I think it is due to God using people to come alongside us and walk with us through things. It is not a scheduled thing, more “as needed.” I’m going into this much detail for anyone who might feel insecure by the current #of votes in certain categories. 😉

  5. Ditto!

  6. Same here.

  7. By the grace of God, we have never had a need for counsel. I think they have there place, but never place to much value in “mans answers”, instead seek God’s answers. I have some friends that have benefitted from counseling, some that didn”t, and some that need to give it a try. If needed, I would definatly find one who opened the bible and used it for guidance.

  8. Clear, ifnmorative, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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