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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


As far as communication goes, my husband and I are really good at talking about ______.



  1. most everything!

  2. family and interests

  3. Almost everything. I do not like it when he talks about my need to lose weight and I have warned him not to bring it up. I only need to lose about 10 pounds so he just has to deal with it. Other than that we get along great and are best friends.

  4. …. mundane, day to day stuff.
    Still working on everything else!

  5. absolutely everything! we never have any secrets at all… we are always talking and telling everything to each other. i am very lucky to have such an open relationship.

  6. everything. We really have terrific communication which I think makes for less fighting.

  7. everything. Thank you, Jesus!

  8. Day to day stuff. We rarely keep any secrets from each other. But we are NOT very good with talking about personal, intimate, relationship issues. Still working on that…

  9. Most everything… getting better and better everyday at the skill of communication after 19 years together 🙂

  10. Almost everything. I have only kept a secret from him a few times in our 23 year relationship, and that was at the request of someone that I was ministering to. But even then he knew that there was a secret and would cover me in prayer.
    Things between us, there are no secrets. He is my other half, as I am his.

  11. pretty much everything. talking about how we are doing spiritually and what we feel God is doing in and for us is still a little uncomfortable, but the more you just ignore the uncomfortableness and open up and share the easier it gets.

  12. Art, literature, and Scripture. We are constantly edifying one another about these things. We’re good at talking about everything else too, especially our relationship and how we respond to one another, but I think it’s cool that we have the same interests.

  13. Politics. world events, etc. Sad, very sad.

  14. everything, he’s my best friend and we don’t keep any secrets.

  15. We can talk about almost everything. I wish I was comfortable enough to tell him things I wish he would do sexually, but then it seems as tho it wouldn’t mean as much. If I ask for it then its not coming from his desire for me. However, maybe he wants to do those things but he is not comfortable enough to try. Who knows?

  16. Romancequeen, communication is the key. Be bold and broach the subject.

  17. Also, often we think that if we ask it comes from an obligation to satisfy us. While it is partly true, your partner can also be thinking on the same lines. You would be surprised to know what being open and comfortable can do in a relationship. You can start off asking what his views are if ever you come across something that you can refer to that you desire. Good luck.

  18. romancequeen I agree. I have a hard time being specific about how and where I want to be touched because I was worried that he would think he was doing it wrong. But what I learned is that he is not a mind-reader and also not that fragile plus he wants to make my body sing even louder than he already does. We are trying the sensate focus thing right now. We have done the non-demand/non-sexual touching and it was really nice! Tonight we do it again except we get to include breast play so I am a little excited about that.

    The point is that as he slowly touches me I can honestly tell him what works and what doesn’t work quite so well. Tomorrow we can include genital touching and just slowing down and allowing ourselves to experiment and comment will be a great thing. I will be able to talk more openly because we have gone slowly and talking about it is the whole point of the exercise. Good Luck!

  19. It may just mean that he doesn’t know what you want. We want our husbands to be mind readers but, sadly, they aren’t! Communication about what we want/like is hard, but it can make a world of difference in our intimacy. Most husbands want to please their wives sexually, but often they just aren’t sure how to do it.

  20. I totally understand how you feel and for YEARS did not communicate with MH my desires and wants (Neither of us did) and it was the biggest mistake we could have made in our marriage. We are now rebuilding a relationship both in and out of the bedroom that is becoming what God has intended, but only after going through some rough times. It is amazing what a little communication has done for our sex life!!! I am sure your husband would love to know what would make you squirm 🙂 In my husbands words “men are stupid” lol.

  21. most of your men probably have a DESIRE to satisfy you. They want to be able to look at you and say “Yeah, In the bedroom I am king.” It satisfies something important in them to know that they are the best lovers we could hope for. Try to talk it out even if you are uncomfortable. Honestly ladies he probably wants to make you happy and is hoping for more direction.

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