Weekly poll #83: How often do you pray?


  1. I have actually been convicted of this recently. God has really been working on me to get me to spend more time with Him. Its a struggle but one I want to overcome with His help.

  2. Wow – I cannot imagine not praying throughout an entire day. God seems to always be on my mind. I know media can keep my mind the most occupied but when I am not on some form of it, God comes to mind, so I try to limit internet, tv, phone, ipod, radio, etc.

  3. I pray throughout the day. He is almost always on my mind.

  4. I’m always in a state (mind-set) of prayer. That dosen’t mean I’m always on my knees, with my head bowed, but I try to keep my mind clear, and when need arises I offer up a prayer, sometimes for myself, and often for others. There are other times (daily or more) that are a more formal prayer time. Either way I’m talking to God , the older I get, the more I enjoy my prayer times with God.

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