Weekly poll #84: Which category is your favorite on CN?


  1. I like the Sentence Starters ’cause the responses are always an interesting read, but I do miss the Monday Missions.

  2. Romantic ideas.

  3. Intimacy in marriage

  4. I love really everything I kinda hated to vote for fear something would be taken off! I do believe my favorite is the polls though it is so interesting to see what others are thinking and where you fit in!

  5. I miss Monday missions!! But sentence starters are doing a great job of taking its place! Great poll!

  6. I miss the monday missions as well

  7. I miss the Monday Missions too!! I enjoy going back and reviewing the previous missions!

  8. I like the articles based on written in questions.
    I’m also enjoying the book study.

  9. I like the Q&A because it helps me to hear what others are thinking about and to hear the many responses offered by readers, in addition to whatever the official bloggers write.

    One of the things I struggle with the most in terms of my sexuality is still feeling alone as a woman that likes sex so much. It helps me to hear the diversity of voices present on CN, from the question askers to question answerers, to general commenters–reassures me that no matter how “normal” or not I am in various regards according to people in my offline life, I’m certainly within the standard range represented here. 🙂 I feel the Q&A provides one of places for us to really learn from and feel affirmed by each other.

  10. I am glad to see all the responses on the first day of the poll! Let me assure you this poll is not intended to weed out certain areas of the blog…it’s just for fun to see who likes which parts the best.

    I voted for the Q&A…mainly because I like writing them! If you ever have any ideas about poll topics, be sure to shoot a message to me through the blog! I consider everything! 🙂

  11. I voted for polls because I think they’re fun, but really I should’ve voted for Q&A because that’s where I learn the most. I was just reading a long comment section from a Q&A in March of last year (before I found this site) and I am truly amazed at how much is there for us to glean from the wisdom of all these different women! I am so grateful for the women who take the time to share. Both my self-image and marriage has been improving due to the honest communication that takes place here.

  12. I voted other – I like posts where we get into conversations sharing what we have experienced, learned, experimented with, succeeded or failed, love to do ro not to do, that others may gleem from.

    It comforts me to know what other Chrisitan women do sexually, I feel a part of a sisterhood instead of alone out here on my own sexually. I am still waiting on an article and posts about what everyone does regularly or prefer to do regularly. It is nice to know what is going on with others.

  13. I really like reading the most recent comments whatever the topic is.

  14. Sounds like a good topic for a sentence starter: The things my DH and I do regularly are _______. It wouldn’t even have to be something sexual. It could be “go out to eat”, “go to movies”, or “… ;-)”

  15. This was a hard one, to vote for just one thing. I always loved the “positions page”, but I think we’ve tried most of them, so I’d have to say the polls. Everything on the site is good and usually thought provoking. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  16. I totally miss the Monday Missions but this week I went back to the very first Monday Mission and am going to strip for my H. It is good to cycle through them. I was intimidated because he made a comment years ago that made me think he didn’t want me to strip but I asked him and he is in to it now. Still nervous, but going for it.

  17. Good for you!! I still can’t strip for my DH – what is it about stripping? He sees me bare all the time but for some reason I can’t bring myself to make a show of it for him. How silly! Luckily, he strips for me all the time 😉
    GOOD for you for going for it!! Let us know how it goes!

  18. You are so right, Mrs NClovebeds!! Funny how we can be confident enough to be bare for our DH’s pleasure, but not while putting on a show for him! Just a little ironic I think. Hope we all take the chance at some point tho – I believe it gives a boost to your relationship & your self-confidence!

  19. I went with Creative Sex Techniques. I need all the help with keeping it fresh that I can get. My brain gets to overloaded with life some days to be very creative and coming here reading what others are doing helps so much. I love to learn from you ladies you have been a great resource, keep on keeping on!

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