Deep Spot Orgasms

Okay, so by now we have all heard of the g-spot and know basically how it works.  But have you ladies also heard of the “deep spot?”  Apparently it responds much the same way the g-spot does, but it’s…deeper in the vagina.

In fact, the “deep spot” is all the way at the back of the vaginal wall, beside the cervix.  From what I have read, there is a “front” which is in the small pocket in front of the cervix, on the upper part of the vaginal wall, and there is a “back” which is behind the cervix on the back part of the vaginal wall.  These are both supposed to be sensitive areas that can be aroused, stimulated, and made to bring about orgasm.

I found mine over a decade ago, but had never heard of it.  All my husband knew was that I had a spot waaaaaaaaay deep inside that could send me over the top if he was able to consistently brush it with the tip of his penis.  It was tricky because if he hit my cervix, it HURT! 😯   I found that the more aroused I was the easier it was to find, because my body would “balloon” a little inside and the cervix would tilt a little.  (It was made even easier to find after I had my hysterectomy a couple years later and said buh-bye to my cervix!)

You stimulate the deep spot by having your husband use the same “come here” motion that he uses on your g-spot…just deeper.   He will need to insert his middle finger as far as he can get it.  Your husband can also use his penis to brush back & forth, trying to hit the same spot each time.  For me it has remained a mystery because it isn’t something that works for us every time.

The few websites that have information about this are…questionable at best.  I was planning on linking to one for you, but when I tried to close out of it, it started giving me all kinds of pop-ups asking me not to leave the site 🙄  There is one very good video that I found though.  The website is slightly questionable, but the video is very well made.  All it shows is a partial woman’s body made out of foam, and a man using his finger to demonstrate how you reach and stimulate the deep spot.  If you are interested in this then click here.  There is no nudity, but there may be questionable links in the sidebars and crude comments in the comment box.

So have any of you ladies noticed that you have a “deep spot?”  What works for you in achieving orgasm this way?

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