Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I sure wish I knew a better way of talking to my husband about ______.



  1. Karin!!! You have got it right out of my mind. It is nice to see there are other people too who want to try this. I have been wanting to try this too. I am thinking to bring this topic up soon after having anal sex. Good luck to you!

  2. How about : Honey, Dr. Karin called today and its time for your yearly physical and prostate exam. Of course a skimpy nurses outfit might help!!

  3. Intimacy, feelings, and all that personal stuff…

  4. Kinky ideas, like bondage

  5. I wish we were BOTH better at letting the other know when “it’s important”…. seems to come up often that both of us feel that the other one is not fully attending when we have something that means a lot to discuss.

  6. I don’t know how to tell him when something he’s doing sexually is annoying or painful (for example, rubbing my nipples before I’m aroused is irritating to me). I don’t want to hurt his feelings because he tries so carefully to be a thoughtful lover – I just don’t know what to say. Usually I just end up trying to redirect his hands.

  7. Paprika,
    This same thing happened to me and I found that if you say like “baby, i like having a long make out session(or whatever you like) before you rub my nipples,” while smiling seductively totally defuses the situation and even makes it playful and fun! I hope that might help :/

  8. what I enjoy in bed and what I would like to try but am too bashful to tell him.

  9. Money. Which is not to say that we know how to talk about sex. But I wish when I say I “I’d like us to talk about x, y, or z and come to a mutually agreeable decision” he didn’t hear ‘I want things my way and I want you to rubber stamp the decision I’ve already made.” I just don’t know what do to.

  10. My feelings. For some reason I always get defensive when we talk about certain things. There is no real reason for it, it just always happens. I guess it may just be old habits from a bad 1st marriage.

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