Sacred Sex: Chp. 6

I’m not sure about you all, but I found chapter 6 to be a lighter read than the previous chapters.  Finally a chapter that I felt like didn’t step all over my toes.  (Or maybe this was the chapter that finally stepped on yours?)  I absolutely LOVE the fact that he invited his wife Amy to co-write this chapter.  It flowed well from his POV to hers.

I liked the discussion about the difference of the sexes, and in particular the part about how sex is never just about sex, but rather is always full of other things as well (p.114)  Tim tells us that men want to feel loved and desired by their wives, and having a wife initiate sex makes them feel that love & desire.  Amy then asks women:  ” …to prayerfully examine their view of sex.  Is it something you do merely to satisfy a physical urge of your husband and therefore you can say no, knowing he won’t die and not worrying too much about it?  Or is sexual intimacy a way for you to reach out and love your husband in a way that touches him on a deeply emotional level and therefore makes him feel valued and loved?”

The way they described their evenings was easy to relate to (p.115).  They each shared their expectations and hopes for how the day would end from coming home from work, dinner, putting the kids to bed, etc.  It really makes you think when you see it coming from two different perspectives doesn’t it?

I think the part on fatigue may hit home with many women (p.117).  Those two paragraphs, while short, pack a strong punch.  I have those entire paragraphs highlighted in my book.

Oh, and the part about breakfast…what a great comparison!  He asks wives if we knew that our husbands felt the most loved if we would get up twice a week and make them some eggs and bacon would we do it?  It doesn’t matter that he has the means to make it himself, nor does it matter if sometimes an outside factor makes it so that we can only do it once…the question is that if we know that is how our husbands feel the MOST LOVED, would we make it a point to do that for them twice a week?  Now change those eggs and bacon to making love… yeah, a bit of an eye opener, huh? (For more on this read pgs.124-125)

As usual there was much more to this chapter than I can write about.  They actually wrote a lot geared toward the husbands as well, talking about respecting your wives and showing them nonsexual love and gentleness.  They also talked about being sensitive to your wife’s needs.  I liked their idea of having a “Date to Communicate” (p.129)  This would definitely be a great chapter for couples to read together.

Okay ladies, what was your take on chapter 6?

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