Weekly poll #86: How long have you been reading CN?


  1. I got married at the end of July last year. My sister directed me to this site in August. I’m so glad she did :).

  2. I honestly don’t remember how I found you ladies but I am so glad I did! I think I may ahve googled something like christian sex advice. Hopefully I’ll be able to put more of it into practice once I’m past my six weeks postpartum time. (Ok who am I fooling? It will be four weeks at most) I have been pregnant for what seems like two years, I only had a six month break, and now I am ready to re-awaken our sex life in a couple of months. (Still one month to go before baby is due)

  3. Seriously – I could have written this post! I’m due April 14th, have another child just a little bit older than yours…and will never make it past 4 weeks of “healing time.” LOL – crazy weird.

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