Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


When my husband gives me oral sex, I go crazy when he ______.



  1. Runs his tongue between my inner and outer labia then gently sucks on my clit, but also love when he uses his fingers while performing oral!! I love oral so it is hard to just pick one thing 😉

  2. Starts G-spotting me with his tongue. He’s not given me oral sex lately, but one of these days…;).

  3. I don’t remember. 😦 Oral hasn’t felt right in months thanks to being pregnant. Yet another thing I’m looking forward to enjoying again once baby arrives.

  4. A lot of things!!! Warm breath on the clit, stubble beard piercing inner thighs, gentle sucking, licking all the way down to perineum, licking between the lips, fingering and finally f*****g 🙂

  5. I didn’t get oral for the first 15 yrs of my marriage, so I completely know what it’s like to miss it!! Thankfully, once he did try it he liked it, LOL!

  6. My hubby likes it too. It’s just the last time I brought it up during foreplay, he said his jaw started tensing up so lately we do manual. Either one feels good until we’re ready ;).

  7. ha! when he does it at all 😛 🙂 …but mostly when he does it unexpectedly/wout me asking…. second how he uses his tounge… :PPP

  8. Licks, kisses, and gently pulls on the outer labia. Also when he squeezes my bottom during, or inserts his thumb.

  9. I love it when he licks above my clit at first, then when I’m really turned on, he goes directly on it, and then reaches up and rubs on my nipples at the same time. It makes for the most explosive orgasms ever. Then after the first orgasm, he starts over, teasing around the clit, then more directly on it, and putting his fingers inside me, with one finger low on my perineum, pressing towards my rectum. I feel so incredibly full and turned on, and it’s amazing.

  10. My hubby does this lick and suck at the same time thing. OMG!!!! It is like the best thing I have ever felt down there.

  11. Rims me.

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