Preparing Your Treasure Chest

“I’m getting married this august 14th and I want to put something together for my fh for our wedding night. we’re both virgins, but I struggle with self-confidence.   My idea is to get a decorative storage trunk from hobby lobby and use it to store our sex stuff–for lack of better wordage. I’d use it to store my lingerie and general sex-related stuff for us (lube, lotions, towels/washclothes…cuz I’m one of those virgins who never knew about sex to be messy…until after reading an article on here) anyway….i’m just posting on here about this because, those are basically all the ideas i have :-/ and i’m not very imaginative and have barely begun looking into starting this….not to mention kind of hesitant (no doubt part of my self-consciousness :P) but yes, would you mind helping me out thinking of ideas for things for me to put in this box? I really want to be confident in myself for my fh on our wedding night! 🙂 “

You have a nice list of stuff already!  Good job!  What a creative thing to do!  Okay, so let’s run with this!  Lets start with a basic storage chest type of thing, and brainstorm some items that couples can put into the trunk for after the wedding day…

  • Lingerie/robes for husband and wife
  • Two different types of lube (you’ll need silicone based for shower/bath/hot tub sex!)
  • Satin/Silk sheets (you may or may not like these)
  • Hand towel or wash cloths (for clean up)
  • Gum and/or Mints (chewing gum is good in between marathon sex rounds and keeps your breath fresh smelling!)
  • Candles & a lighter (romantic lighting to set the mood)
  • Massage oils & towels & body massager to help work those muscles (giving each other a body massage is very intimate and may be needed if you are too sore for penetration one day)
  • Devotional book (read one each morning together over breakfast)
  • Marital Intimacy Book (read a chapter each night together)
  • iPod (or CD) full of songs that are romantic and good for love making! (remember portable speakers if you need them)
  • Bottle of wine or sparkling cider and two glasses
  • Snacks you both like (hey, you will be working up an appetite 😆 )
  • Feathers or silk scarves (if you think those things would be nice)
  • Vibrator or toy if you know ahead of time that you are both okay with using such items.  (this may need to be for after the honeymoon ?)
I bet our readers can think of many more things that could be put in that chest.  Okay ladies… help me brainstorm some more items.  What else could couples stick into their “Treasure Chest” for the honeymoon (and even afterward!)  Leave your wonderful ideas in the comment section!

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