Preparing Your Treasure Chest

“I’m getting married this august 14th and I want to put something together for my fh for our wedding night. we’re both virgins, but I struggle with self-confidence.   My idea is to get a decorative storage trunk from hobby lobby and use it to store our sex stuff–for lack of better wordage. I’d use it to store my lingerie and general sex-related stuff for us (lube, lotions, towels/washclothes…cuz I’m one of those virgins who never knew about sex to be messy…until after reading an article on here) anyway….i’m just posting on here about this because, those are basically all the ideas i have :-/ and i’m not very imaginative and have barely begun looking into starting this….not to mention kind of hesitant (no doubt part of my self-consciousness :P) but yes, would you mind helping me out thinking of ideas for things for me to put in this box? I really want to be confident in myself for my fh on our wedding night! 🙂 “

You have a nice list of stuff already!  Good job!  What a creative thing to do!  Okay, so let’s run with this!  Lets start with a basic storage chest type of thing, and brainstorm some items that couples can put into the trunk for after the wedding day…

  • Lingerie/robes for husband and wife
  • Two different types of lube (you’ll need silicone based for shower/bath/hot tub sex!)
  • Satin/Silk sheets (you may or may not like these)
  • Hand towel or wash cloths (for clean up)
  • Gum and/or Mints (chewing gum is good in between marathon sex rounds and keeps your breath fresh smelling!)
  • Candles & a lighter (romantic lighting to set the mood)
  • Massage oils & towels & body massager to help work those muscles (giving each other a body massage is very intimate and may be needed if you are too sore for penetration one day)
  • Devotional book (read one each morning together over breakfast)
  • Marital Intimacy Book (read a chapter each night together)
  • iPod (or CD) full of songs that are romantic and good for love making! (remember portable speakers if you need them)
  • Bottle of wine or sparkling cider and two glasses
  • Snacks you both like (hey, you will be working up an appetite 😆 )
  • Feathers or silk scarves (if you think those things would be nice)
  • Vibrator or toy if you know ahead of time that you are both okay with using such items.  (this may need to be for after the honeymoon ?)
I bet our readers can think of many more things that could be put in that chest.  Okay ladies… help me brainstorm some more items.  What else could couples stick into their “Treasure Chest” for the honeymoon (and even afterward!)  Leave your wonderful ideas in the comment section!


  1. What a wonderful idea!

    While she might not want to pack it in her treasure chest, I suggest that the bride bring along some baking soda, particularly if the newlyweds are not using barrier methods of birth control. I learned the hard way about what my mother calls the “newlywed disease”. With all the new things being introduced to her vaginal, the bride might become very irritated. Adding baking soda to a warm bath can greatly ease her discomfort.

    Oh, another essential thing the new couple must have is a sense of humor! There are times when sex can be awkward or downright comical. Just remember, you’re both learning!

  2. if you plan to try oral sex (btw, i’d have freaked out at that suggestion before we were married, but then i hadn’t read this site yet 😉 ), a small can of soda might be good (the taste is, erm, kinda strong, and a sugary drink will help wash the taste out just in case it’s too strong for you at first.)
    and if you can find silky or slinky boxers for your husband-to-be, you should snap them up. i bet you’ll like em 🙂

    that’s all i can think of that’s not on cumingirl’s list already!
    best wishes and congrats on the wedding!

  3. Great suggestion on bringing something to use with oral. Just be sure that your husband’s penis is washed before you have penetration sex again. The sugars can cause a really bad infection inside you if you have sex without him washing. But you can help with the washing and make that part of the fun. 😀 A hand job in the shower is a great option.

  4. That is a great idea! We have a box up in the top of our closet(5 kids so it is pretty discreet).

    Definitly get some silk/satin boxers for your husband.

    I think there are some great ideas listed above!

  5. Bubble bath 🙂

  6. Feminine wipes or baby wipes or those other bathroom wipes. Sometimes you don’t want to run to the bathroom to dampen a washcloth to clean up. Just make sure they are unscented and made for sensitive skin. Maybe some fun, slightly gaudy, jewelry to wear with your lacy things once in a while. Not too expensive in case it gets broken but it is fun to accessorize now and then.

    I have to say I love this treasure chest idea. I may have to make one of my own soon. After two pregnancies in two years (six month break) we’ll need some spicing up after this baby is born. Our sex life has waned a bit as you might imagine and I am really looking forward to getting back to where we both want to be. I’ll be bookmarking this post so I can create my own treasure box in a month or two.

  7. Get yourself an LBD (little black dress). Classic and sexy. Can’t go wrong there ;).

  8. first off congraduations! being married so beyond wonderful… i was also a virgin and so was my husband.
    this website is amazing cuz if you charge it to you credit card it wont say anything about sex stuff. this link has the worlds best blanket ever! its perfect cuz you can use it then toss it aside and deal with it later. then it goes in the wash. its my favorite sex item. also cranberry pills are wonderful to help with the “newlywed disease”, plus the bladder infection that might happen.

    if i find anything else i will let you know but seriously get the throe its amazing!

  9. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is very loving of you to put so much thought into your honeymoon, and not just your wedding day!

    The ideas for your treasure chest are excellent!! My only advice is…be patient!! I think most of us would agree that our sexual relationship with our husband is MUCH better now than it was on our honeymoon!! As you become more comfortable and more knowledgeable, it will only get better!!

    Saving yourself for your wedding night, and putting all of this thought into it is truly a very special gift for your husband!! My 14th anniversary is Aug. 16th, I may just have to put together my own treasure box!! Thanks for the idea!!

  10. I have to say that I totally agree with the fact that it gets even better. I remember hearing one time that “The worst sex you ever have should be on your honeymoon.” And its true! As much fun as it was then its so much better now. Don’t worry if its awkward and doesn’t seem quite right. Just have fun with it and realize that this is the first time for both of you, you’ll get better over time. (practice makes perfect) And hey, I didn’t know at the time it was the worst sex, it was the best back then since we were both virgins as well. 😉

  11. I know how that feels. I felt terrible after my wedding night, and both of us were virgins. It was painful, but dear hubby helped me talk about it and assured me that this was normal. A week later, breakthrough :). Just be patient and take the time to understand how everything feels, and talk through it.

  12. Congratualtions on your approaching wedding!!!! Something fun would be an unopened bottle of Hersey’s Chocolate syrup. Of course, I’m not positive if you have to keep it refrigerated or not after it’s opened, but it’s a fun one to have on hand! Another one to go with the chocolate syrup is whipped cream (in a can), this is something that both of you can enjoy! It’s fun exploring eachothers body’s and licking your way around!

  13. Just keep the sweet stuff away from the naughty bits! If you still want something sweet that won’t risk infection, you could try KY’s Kissable Sensations for the Body.

  14. What a great plan, and you have received so many great ideas! To help with your feelings of low self-confidence, I suggest the book The Sexually Confident Wife. A great book for you and your fiance/husband to read together is Sheet Music by Kevin Leman. You can read the first several chapters during your engagement, and then the rest of the book after you are married.

  15. Sheet Music is a must have!

  16. This one may be boring but a water bottle or two, if not in the box, by the bed. My husband doesn’t go to bed without one anyways, so I don’t have to think about it much, but being able to rehydrate without fumbling off to the kitchen is a super good thing.

  17. An ice pack! 🙂 Or a can of soda will do the job just as well and you can drink it later when you drink him down! 🙂 A Pepsi can has an whole different meaning to me 😉

  18. I thought of another, we have a board game, I think it’s called An Enchanted Evening? Anyway, it kind of helps you get started. It’s not too risky, but enough to make things exciting, and pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit. It’s created by Christians, so nothing scary. The box is fairly small, so it might be a nice addition to your box. You can check it out online.

  19. A fantastic idea! And there are so many great suggestions here already. But….. I use a LOT of epsom salts in my baths. They are very cleansing and since starting to use them, I have not had any infections after bath or other “fun”. 🙂 If you are prone to yeast infections, I would also suggest a bottle of acidophilous.

    Congratulations! and enjoy the journey. 🙂

  20. just a caution re the baking soda. The vagina ‘s normal PH is acidic and baking soda is alkaline. When your ph gets out of whack down there you are asking for a yeast infection. Tucks pads are soothing and cleansing and they don’t encourage the yeasties. You can put them in the fridge in the hotel room and they have the smae effect, I think, as that soda can supergirl mentioned.

  21. Sheet Music by Dr.Leman is a must have – seriously – it lays it all out for you. I read it and then suggested it to our friends when they encountered some issues. It has now become a staple gift in our friend circle when someone gets married – we give it to them out their wedding (and tell them to open it later).
    A blanket to “do the deed” on. I hate changing the sheets constantly so this blanket is awesome.
    A few sex toys – vibrator (if your new hubbie is okay with that)
    Plenty of condoms if you aren’t using birth control. I would avoid those ribbed, twisted, etc as a virgin (I was a virgin on my wedding night as well – so I speak from experience).
    I would avoid the lubes that heat, fire, icy, etc at the beginning to avoid irritation.
    wet wipes
    An enchanted evening (that game is awesome)
    A deck of strip poker cards (with just the names of the items on them instead of graphic pics).
    A nice silky robe (check department stores for sales – I have a white, black and hot pink one – all for $15)
    Silk Scarfs (for various things – covering up just a bit of skin, wearing around your waste)
    A little cute lock – if you have kids or noisy adults around
    Flavoring wipes for just before oral sex – make sure to wash before you attempt vaginal sex
    Sparkling grape juice or wine (depending on your beliefs and age)
    Padded soft handcuffs (based on your comfort level)
    …still thinking of more…

  22. I was a virgin and knew nothing when we got married, but my DH prepared. Lotion is a deffinate and the other thing he brought me was a book of positions (pink and blue shapes, no porn) so we could get ideas.

  23. what book was that? I would love a book positions without graphic illustrations…

  24. One thing that we stumbled across this year, after many years of marriage, is using baby oil on the insides of my thighs and the outsides of his. It gives a smooth, slippery glide, so eliminates the friction of your legs against his. Also, a small tub of coconut oil for a nice glide in place of store lubricants.

  25. Absolutely love that saying! Why have I never heard that before? Wow. I mean, our honeymoon was GREAT and you’re right, if you’re a virgin you don’t know it’s the worst sex (we both were so absurdly excited to be doing it at all!!!) but now we’re going on 6 years and enjoying stuff we had no idea about back then. It’s amazing. I can only imagine things being so much BETTER after another 6 years!!! Yay for married sex!

  26. A midwife friend suggested freezing plain yogurt in the fingers of a latex glove, then using the “fingers” as cooling inserts for yeast infections. I learned the hard way that I’m allergic to Monistat (blah!!!) so this is my method of choice now!

  27. That book sounds like the Cosmo Kama Sutra…pink and blue shadow people

  28. Your husband will enjoy your enthusiasm and creativity, bride-to-be! Be confident, I second the coconut oil idea. My DH and I use it for moisturizing, massages, as a personal lubricant (completely safe inside and out), and it’s great to put on your lips for erotic kissing! Other than that I would say to just make sure you and he both are well rested the week of your wedding. Our wedding was a few weeks ago and we found that we were so exhausted by the end of the reception, that neither of us were truly “in the mood.” Take a couple hours to just chill out and take it slow to get a good emotional connection going first (after not seeing each other exclusively a whole lot that day), then work into the rest of the night’s planned events.

  29. I just got married 1.5 years ago and was a virgin when I married (my husband wasn’t), so I can relate to where you are. I read a lot beforehand and one of the best things I gleaned was this suggestion: It can be very relaxing and helpful in overcoming your nervousness about being naked together the first time if you take a bath together on your honeymoon night (as your first exposure to each other).

    You’ll both be tired and ready for a good soak anyway, and you can get in the tub first (without him in the room, if you prefer) and be somewhat “hidden” under the water, then have him join you. Take the time to relax together and feel that closeness.

    I had anticipated wanting to do this, so I made sure our first night hotel room had a nice big bathtub! We followed through on this suggestion and it really made for a wonderful beginning for us. Very peaceful and comforting!

  30. My DH and I are putting one together now. (We’ve been married almost three weeks. ) We’re keeping a diary and a couple of pens, as well as a pad of sticky notes. This is so we can exchange intimate notes and love letters with each other, as well as reminders for things. XD

    Another suggestion: cameras. 😉

  31. (Sorry for replying to the wrong comment… new here.)

  32. This is such a good idea!!

  33. Before our wedding I made my husband a book where I wrote down lots of fantasies I had. Just short romantic stories. I can’t remember when I gave it him and being my husband he felt I was putting him under pressure to do them all/

    I still think it’s a good idea though and most husbands would appreciate it. (My husband is slightly Aspergic and tends to get the wrong end of the stick)

  34. haha the notes idea is cute ^.^

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