Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One food that always seems to remind me of sex, is ______.



  1. Bananas and chocolate covered strawberries.

  2. One food! ONE!! Just one!! You’re kidding me!! Haha!

  3. Ice cream

  4. sausage….mostly because my DH always refers to his penis as one 🙂

  5. Grapes! For DH, it’s coconut oil – which he refuses to eat, we used it on our honeymoon and now he says it makes him feel like he’s eating sex. He loves the scent though. 🙂

  6. Asparagas, nibbled from the tip!

  7. My hubby does that too! Specifically Polish sausage. Hubba hubba! 😉

  8. pineapple, – b/c of some article on here that suggested having hubby drink pineapple juice before OS.

  9. strawberries

  10. since I discovered the joys of giving BJs anything you suck or lick

  11. Deep fried pickles from The Pub. Complete with dipping sauce. Oh boy.

  12. haha anything if i’m thinking about sex already 😛 …but whipped cream, chocolate, and popsicles.

  13. Bananas for sure!!!! I am a little uncomfortable eating them in public 😉

  14. Whipped chocolate pudding. (My hubby has smooth, flawless dark brown skin.)

  15. Definitely sausages! We buy the chicken and cheese sausages from Costco and when if I cook them a little too long they squirt out the cheese – makes me laugh everytime:)

  16. Yeah! I’m feeling you on that one girl. Dark Chocolate has always been my favorite flavor, even as a kid (lol!) Who knew I would prefer my man that way too?

    Dark chocolate, bananas and large strawberries with a ridge almost dividing it into two halves (LOL!)

  17. Coconut – the smell is arousing

  18. Whipped cream

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