Weekly poll #89: How many different books have you read about sex and marriage?


  1. Great question. I think that as Christians we need to get good, pure information on sex within the marriage relationship. It can be so difficult to find with all the perversion out there, but thank God for Christian authors who are brave enough to write about this sensitive, yet very necessary subject!

  2. What I wonder is, how many of you are able to get your husbands to read the books too? Do your guys see any value in them? I know my husband isn’t inclined to reach for a book for guidance on sex/ love/ marriage. And I know the techniques I’m learning would be so much more effective if BOTH of us were committed to applying them.

  3. When I asked my hubby if he’d read a book with me, he said he wanted to know about *his* wife, not women in general, he wanted to study me. I’ve found there is a particular author that he enjoys, and he will listen to sermons online with me about marriage. I find he ilkes books focused on marriage, exhortations for husbands to love their wives, with a heavy emphasis on scripture. He certainly sees value in books, just different ones. I’d suggest finding a book he enjoys instead of trying to get him to read the books you read. As for the techniques – I work up my courage for a while and just ask him if he wants to try something – or, like recently, I just did it and he *absolutely loved it.* I never thought that was true, that he’d be into it, but he was.

  4. My husband is less into these sorts of books than I am, but he did read Sheet Music and really liked it. The author provides a lot of information for both husbands and wives, and of course most husbands like ideas that make their sex lives better!

  5. When I read something that I really want to share with my husband, I pick a time when he is not distracted by the TV, the children, his work, etc., and I read it to him, but only in small “bites” so that he will want to hear more later. For instance, we were traveling this past weekend. My dh was driving, our children were sleeping, and I was reading from the Song of Solomon. I did not read everything aloud to him. Instead, he would hear me quietly saying things like “Whoa!” or “Oh my gosh!” And he would say, “What?” Then I would share with him what I had just read. This was fun. My dh was shocked at how “racy” (his word) this book of the Bible was. That’s when I reminded him that great married sex was God’s idea in the first place. As my name says, Wow, God is GREAT !!!

  6. You are a wise woman!

  7. My guys hasn’t read all of the books but when I was reading Sheet Music I would laugh out loud from time to time and read the excerpt to him. He said “That sounds like a book I should be reading” and when I was done I put it on his bed side table. I was FLOORED when he read it cover to cover.

    He took the 5 love language test somewhat under duress and honestly he was saying many not so complimentary things about the questions but when he got to the one that asked how he felt about coming home to a clean house he said “Finally, a question that isn’t ridiculous!” and from there on in he was more positive, When he found out that the reason I wanted him to take it was to see how I could love him even better, he was all for it. In retrospect, I probably should have led with that.

    Now that I have read the book and know my own LL I can tell him “Honey I feel so loved when you _______” and thank him for it, He doesn’t really need to read it since I am clearer about communicating what makes me feel loved and he really likes making me feel that way.

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