Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Masturbation makes me ______.



  1. chill out!

  2. Feel Good!! Gets me ready. Gets me thinking about my husband. I can fantasize about the sexual situations I want him in. Makes me feel sexy.

  3. Well sometimes I use it to help me stay in the mood! I use to feel kinda weird but I look at it now as a way to improve our sex life!!!! Never as good as the real thing though!!!!!!!

  4. crazy about my husband! It makes me want him even more!

  5. Relieved. Usually when I do it its because I’m super horney but DH isn’t home. When I’m like that I can’t function so masturbating relieves some of that tension. It also keeps me in the mood so I don’t have to squash those feelings entirely in order to do what I have to do.

  6. Tickle. It feels weird when I try manual on myself, but I have found other ways to get aroused without hubby :).

  7. It’s does the same for me; geers me up and he always loves it when I’m ready to rock ‘n roll! I used to think it was totally wrong; but since telling him about it several years ago it has really enhanced our relationship. Not only the fact that I was honest and open with him, but the act itself.

  8. Relaxed. Sometimes when my DH is gone & I can’t relax, I masturbate so I can go to sleep. 🙂

  9. A year ago I would have said simply “Go to sleep.” But…. my very first visit to CN was when I googled “masturbating for your husband.” I read your article and it helped me to start incorporating it into our lovemaking more. He loves to watch…I admit I like to perform so now it also makes me feel hot and makes me look even hotter to him.

  10. feel differently than just a couple months of ago. Before my wedding last November, I just didn’t do it-i wouldve said i didn’t think it was a good idea. Now, I enjoy touching myself around my husband and also alone (it gives me a chance to figure out what feels good, which just makes our lovemaking even better).

  11. Ok, I gotta admit something. I’ve never masturbated. Sure, I’ve touched myself but never to bring myself to orgasm. I’m 40 yrs old, married 18 yrs & had a sexual awakening about 6 weeks ago. I think about sex nonstop! My husband can’t hardly walk past me without me touching him. I thought I was going crazy until I found your site! THANK YOU, I know I’m not alone or crazy now… I’m normal!
    Mastebating is just one the things I want to try, among many listed & discussed on CN. My husband has asked me before if I have masterbated & I said no, but he seemed disappointed. I’m thinking it would be a huge turn on for him. Something new, breaking out of my shell, trying new things? Yes, I think I will!

  12. Oh girl I’m right there with you! You sound so much like me I had my awakening 2 years ago still going strong however my hubby has kinda slowed down! I also have been married 19 years it has been such a cool thing to be like this finally! I also tried masturbation its not as good as the real thing obviously but it keeps those juices flowing and me thinking about my husband!! SO go for it also get some toys that makes things even more fun! Hee Hee! Oh by the way my husband absolutely loves it when he thinks about me masturbating totally turns him on he keeps asking for a video so cant go there yet!!!!! Good luck!!!!

  13. feel gross. Definitely NOT for me.

  14. late.

  15. I always believed masturbation was wrong,and finding this site was beautiful!! The thought of getting myself ready for SH makes me feel so sexy and I want to try out new things with my husband. Do women have sexual awakenings at 40 or something?? On to a very exciting sex life for sure…………….

  16. Yes, many women have sexual awakenings at 40 and even older! Enjoy!

  17. Masturbating sounds incredible…..I have thought about purchasing sex toys to get myself ready for my husband that night…..but I was hesitant due to the possibility of becoming addicted to it and finding myself doing it in the middle of the day when he is not home……..I believe that can become sinful……….

  18. if you are masturbating “with permision”
    and the thoughts of the husband/wife
    are exclusively about one another
    and if you can tell DH what you did, or what you
    are doing…
    maybe masturbation can keep us out of trouble!

  19. Oh YES! I turned 40 in December and my “awakening” has been incredible. I’m still breaking out of my shell but I would encourage you to try new things, buy something for him (lingerie) & surprise him. Because he loves you… he’ll love the new you!

  20. gosh, i turned 40 in nov and this just hit me in february! my hubby is soooo happy after 19 yrs 😉 i desperately wished it happened sooner in our marriage though, but i’ll take it now! this site has helped tremendously with the new me!

  21. guilty…

  22. Sometimes guilt is actually false guilt. Satan is delighted in either case.
    We’re blessed that we can go to Jesus to take it all away!

  23. Thanks for sharing your comment about guilt, HoneyN. That’s a great way to look at it.

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