Chair Sex!

“Hey CN girlfriends, Can you help me with the following. I love to ML to my DH while he is sitting on a chair (Position #?).  The only problem is when things start really moving (literally), I can’t hang onto his neck very well.  Are any of you aware of a chair with”handle bars” to hang onto or do you have a solution of your own for this favorite position of ours? Thanks for any input.”

I like making love on a chair too!  It’s a different angle, a different rhythm, a different feel altogether!  It is very hard to find a nice comfortable chair for this activity, though.  The best ones that we have are our kitchen chairs (because they are armless), and believe me when I tell you that they are NOT comfortable.

So, you have me thinking here…  how fun would it be to go “sex-chair shopping!”  😆   I can just see it now… dh and I walking around looking at the lovely pieces of furniture…waiting for the salesmen to turn and walk the other way… dh sitting down in a chair he thinks might work and inviting me onto his lap… me hurriedly sitting on him, facing him, and seeing if there is anything for me to hold on to or grip on to on the back.  Oh the giggles that would involve!

We have a large Lay-z-boy, but it’s still somewhat awkward to use.  It’s nice and cushiony, but it’s so large and my feet can’t touch the ground, so I can’t really have any control over what we do.

The one piece of furniture that I really want, but have yet to purchase, is the Liberator Esse.  It isn’t a chair, exactly, but I think it would be BETTER!

If your husband is handy around the house, then maybe he could weld some handlebars to the back of your favorite chair!?  If not then I’d be on the lookout for some kind of high back chair.

If anyone out there has any more advice or ideas for this couple, chime in below!

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