Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I don’t like ______ as much as my husband thinks I do.



  1. Giving him oral sex

  2. him licking and nibbling my ears

  3. oral sex and licking my nipples

  4. Nipple tweaking as a means of arousal

  5. Receiving oral.

  6. Anal play. I’m ok with it sometimes but not that often. Fortunately when I say no thanks he doesn’t push it. I do try to let him play with me there some, and even a bit more than I’d like because I feel like I should give a little too.

  7. sex

  8. receiving oral, especially when he hasn’t shaven

  9. His favorite restaurant and watching football. I like football, but not as much as he would like to think, and his favorite restaurant is disgusting, but he loves it so I go along.

  10. anal play as often as he wants, and ear nibbling and sucking. I don’t mind them but he loves to give so i let him have fun. 🙂

  11. Hot rumping where theres no foreplay involved just let’s have heated sex. I like the slow passionate kind also where I get time to completely warm up and there’s foreplay. Also some romance! Although I do love the hot n hevy stuff too, I just like verity.

  12. Nipple pulling. I think at least some of the time he does it trying to turn me on but while I like some nipple stimulation after I’m fully aroused, I really don’t like it just out of the blue.

  13. Kissing during the “hot and heavy” part of sex. When we are really going at it, kissing is sort of a moot point since I need the oxygen for breathing. 😀

  14. Spanking. He thinks I like it more than I do. I know it turns him on so I let it go.

  15. Making love at 5:00 am

  16. When my husband fingers me. Its just awkward and does not feel good.

  17. When my husband lightly pinches or slaps my behind. A carress would do ohso much more. A pinch or slap is just annoying.

  18. Just the get to the point of doing it sex. No kissing or touching before. Drives me kinda crazy.

  19. his sucking on my breasts. I think he’s trying to leave hickies on my nipples!

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