Weekly poll #91: How often do you ML twice a day (or more)?


  1. Too worn out to do it more than once a day! It is fun, but utterly exhausting. Hubby and I work and go to school full time.

  2. Same here, plus we do it later in the evening.

  3. We have 4 kids… somehow 2 always end up in the bed with us… we are lucky to have it at all!!!! :/

  4. I am lucky for twice a week – 😉

  5. That makes two of us ;).

  6. H and I are 6-8 times a week most weeks but only twice a day once a month or so…been dreaming of waking him in a naughty way, maybe I should be…and often.

  7. we’ve been married for almost five months and just in the last week have had sex twice in a day two times (these were the first we’d had sex twice in a day). i’m totally hoping this new trend keeps up:)

  8. That makes three of us. I would LOVE for more!!

  9. In may we will have been married 24 years! I can only dream…but the 3 or 4 times during the week are awesome! All you that areYOUNG and newly married ENJOY!!!!

  10. I’m sorry I feel ignorant. I don’t even know what ml stands for. Please elaborate.

  11. OMG, I just figured it out. Hilarious

  12. We go twice a day almost every day. We both love oral and intercourse, but we always hated having to choose what we do for the night. So we started doing one when we get home from work and the other before bed. Neither of us are morning people, so after work was the only time we could do it. The joys of being childless.

  13. I’m with you! We have been married 25 years and we never ML twice in one day. But, we have a great sex life, which I think is kind of rare for couples that have been married for many years. And it continues to improve, so I have no complaints.

  14. Every other day, sometimes in the morning when we first wake up (whic is the best) or right before bed time. The more you have it (practice at it) the more you want it. If we get out of routine I can go up to 4 days with out it. Married for 3 years

  15. How are we defining ML? Any physical connection that results in an O for one or both? Just curious what others would count…

  16. Joys of being childless and young (I’m guessing)!!! I love sex and that wears me out just thinking about it, lol!! Of course, maybe it’s the kids that actually wear me out before I get to the good stuff 🙂

  17. Should we count the occasions when the husband or wife encourages from
    a distance? When it’s physical for only one,and there is still an “intimate connection.”
    Should we count that?

  18. If there was an “every once in a while” option, that’d be us. Mostly when we’re on vacation do we ML more than once a day. However, sometimes we do get a chance to squeeze in two on a Sunday.

  19. When we were younger, we could do it twice a day, but rarely did – work, school, kids made it difficult. Now, we physically can’t ml twice in one day, so it’s not an option.

  20. We’re about every other day right now, but we’ve had to regulate it because we’re trying to get pregnant, and that was the advise of our OB. I was afraid that it would become a “job” and lose it’s romance since we “have” to do it at specific intervals, but my hubby has been sooo good at keeping it romantic and intimate even still!

  21. I think that would count! I feel like if it is an intimate connection that is bring you closer than it is worthy!!

  22. No time and to many kids around. To tired and to poor for a good vacation. Ahh well. Maybe it’s something I need to work on. 🙂

  23. i’d be happy to ML twice a MONTH.

  24. I do beleive its refering to Making Love (ML), but I”m not sure either.

  25. We’re once twice a month — total. …usually once a week, except during my period (I take that week off). My hubby usually has one business trip a month, which eliminates another week. Maybe it’s something I need to work on. Do you think our frequency might have something to do with my husband becoming easily irritable since we’ve been married? We were virgins when married 2 years ago. When we were dating, he was a very light-hearted, happy-go-lucky guy. But now he seems so high-strung, stressed, and awake-at-night. He told me he used to masturbate before we were married, but he doesn’t masturbate now as he want’s to save “it” for us. (I think that’s sweet). …stumbled on this site when looking for romantic ideas to try to cheer him up.

  26. Hi Brenda! I am just going to confirm what you are saying about frequency is probably true. I know I would have the same problems as he is if we only had sex once or twice a month. Especially since he masturbated before, his body is used to that release frequency. I would encourage you to read and learn as much as you can about men’s sexual cycle and drive (if you haven’t already!). You seem like a loving wife and like you are taking action. I think that is awesome! There are a couple of things I would encourage you to do. Practically speaking, try not to look at your period week as a week off. Think of it as a week to serve your husband…suprise him and make it all about oral sex for him or give him a hand job. He will love it!!! On a more personal level prayerfully evaluate your sex drive and take action to rev it up. Talk to your doc and ask God for help if you think it is low. Also, prayerfully evaluate where your heart is toward your husband. I hope this is helpful and I hope all of God’s best for you all!

  27. Brenda — please keep looking around this site for inspiration. Yes, I do believe that his irritability might be lack of sex. When things are going well “in the bedroom” everything will be better between both of you. You will have a beautiful connection, less arguing, more laughter… You are only 2 years into marriage and have many great things ahead of you. Please put some energy into this right away and you will see what God can do to your marriage!

  28. I’m with supergirl on the suggestion of handjobs or BJs to help your husband release those pent-up urges while you’re on your period. Also, if you’re both open, you can go all the way while he’s using a condom. 🙂

  29. Hey Brenda! I just wanted to add in here about the book “Sheet Music” by Kevin Leman. I am reading it right now with my fiance, and it has been really great so far. It is very insightful, and can really change how you see sex! I encourage you to see about getting it. It is all kind of about the truth that sex is a way of life, not just something you do…sex more or less affects everything in your relationship. If your husband is willing, read it together. If he doesn’t want to read it with you, read it by yourself. =) Also, not sure how you feel about “outercourse”, but the CN Position page has quite a few ideas of how to make those work. These can be performed while you on your period if you want to keep from having actual intercourse. Or, as supergirl and Ari-chan suggest, oral or manual sex for him while you are on your period would probably rock his world! And definitely pray! Pray pray pray! =D Here is a link to the position page. Best of luck to you and your husband!


  30. Hey ladies, I missed you guys. 2-3 times a week but I’m looking into being more creative during my menstral cycle..We’ve been married 12years and I thought time would lighten the sexual activity (1 son at home) but not…..lol. I take the week off and since my body is usually sore, he does too. Any ideas where we can both get pleasure during this icky time for me? Thanks girls for the wonderful and creative ideas may the Lord richly bless your marriages.

  31. “just because one of the rides is out of service is no reason to close the whole amusement park” haha That is my philosophy regarding intimacy during my period.

    The more you learn about it the more you will hopefully be willing to up the frequency of your sexual encounters it translates to a happier man!

    Also think you should read Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Lehman. It’s a great read which talks about your concerns and even my husband and and I learned a ton from it after 20+ years

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