Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Just the thoughts of ______ turn my stomach!



  1. Infidelity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that he would ever cheat, and I don’t have jealousy issues. But I have an extremely low tolerance for cheaters. I cannot even begin to understand how someone could selfishly violate their sacred vows and cause the person that they are supposed to love more than anything that kind of pain. I even have a hard time watching movies and TV shows about it, especially if the cheater gets away with it and/or its treated as acceptable behavior.

  2. Pornography!

  3. My husband’s smelly feet. Eww

  4. Leanne, I’m right there with you! I hate it!

  5. Two men or two women kissing each other on the mouth. Doesn’t sit right with me.

  6. cooking meats. I never prepared meat before getting married, and now that I have, I’m very comfortable going vegetarian! Never thought that’d happen to me. Sometimes I’m still ok if he cooks it, but what a thing to learn from marriage!

  7. On the high scale of things, cheating does it for me. I cant stand the thought that there may even be a chance my husband has thought about having sex with another woman. Makes me sick to my stomach and upset. Though I know he hasnt and dosent have that in him. On the low end of it, pubic hair. He shaves his whole body from arms down and just the thought of kissing his genitals with hair on them makes me wanna gag. If I know he has just shaved his body it makes me wanna jump him.

  8. Does it seem like every film and TV show works this in lately? I’m definitely not a homophobe, but I get tired of getting into a movie or tv show and then ALL OF A SUDDEN there is the obligatory gay or lesbian scene. I think I’m done watching Glee for this reason.

  9. If you ever have a legitimate reason to think your husband may have been unfaithful… it will turn your stomach even more!!!!! Not a feeling I EVER want to have again! 😦

  10. Hahahahaha! Me too.

  11. losing my eyesight.

    How terrifying to go through a marriage and never knowing how you/your spouse looks and changes.

  12. Just the thought of homosexuality turns my stomach.

  13. Infidelity… I know many couples walk through this, but I don’t want it ever to be a part of our marriage story…. I have a hard time with those that came before our marriage over 19 years ago while he wasn’t a Christian!

  14. Abortion. Especially partial-birth abortion. We live right near where the Gosnell scandal took place recently… those mental images turn my stomach.

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