Reminder: New Book Study

For those who will be participating, this is a reminder that we will begin our discussion on our new book, Love and Respect, next week. Each week I will post some questions and key quotes from several chapters so be ready for our discussion on chapters 1 and 2 next Monday. At times we will be discussing more than two chapters at a time so if for some reason you find the pace moves too quickly, feel free to come back to the discussion as you catch up.

Further Disclaimer: As I mentioned in the announcement of this new book, my initial impression of the book was not positive and now that I have read through most of the book I can say that while there are quite a number of quotes that resonated well with me, over all I did not enjoy the communication style of the author. You have to understand that in recent years my church experience has moved from someone else telling me what I should be doing to a place of encouraging the community of believers to share the wisdom of God and then staying in tune to the voice of God for discernment on how to respond. I am no longer used to someone expressing a long list of to-dos in order for blessing to come. I have not found this book to be very encouraging and perhaps because the author is relating mostly testimonies of bad marriages turned good because of his principles, I can not relate to very many of the experiences he is sharing. 

So in my weekly articles containing questions and quotes from several chapters, you will find discussion on the parts of the book which helped me gain insight into my marriage, but sometimes I will not have as many positive responses to the book. Please do not be offended by this. If the book is helping you, feel free to discuss the points of the book which have spoken to you. Share how your thinking or relational dynamics have been influenced by the suggestions of the author. 

I’m looking forward to our discussions. 🙂

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