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I feel so proud whenever …



  1. DH introduces me as “my wife”. I love to hear him set the record straight!

  2. I cook a meal that my DH loves. He’s so picky that it always feels like a huge accomplishment. Its hard to think of meals to cook when he really doesn’t like most things.

  3. When my husband takes the lead in our home.

  4. My husband sticks up for me when he’s with ‘the guys’, even when I’m not around! I hate how so many people talk crap about their spouse to their friends. It’s so disrespectful! My husband tries to put ME first!

  5. I know what you mean! Except my husband isn’t picky.. he just doesn’t feel like eating my dinners.. Lol. And when he does, he never says anything about it. So, I am always asking if it’s good or not! I LOVE when he actually loves my meals!

  6. one, when i give my husband a really good blow job. (we’re newlyweds and im still working on technique. i love when i know that i’ve really pleasured him)

    more seriously, i feel so proud when he compliments me or sounds proud of me in front of other ppl.

  7. When I watch my husband work with kids. I have never seen a man who was better with kids of all ages. He is an amazing dad but he is also a football coach and stand in dad to so many of his boys. I fall in love more and more whenever I see him in action.

  8. I love when my husband addresses me as his wife ^_^. I also appreciate when he has his buddies around and even though I’m a bit of a tomboy, he still treats me as a lady and not one of the guys and has his buddies do the same.

  9. When my husband wakes up in the middle of the night to change the baby’s diaper and give her a bottle. Or when he cleans the bathroom or washes dishes out of the blue. He speaks my love language which is acts of service.

  10. When my friends and co workers comment on the hard work my husband has done. About 18 months ago he finished building our house. He did a wonderful job :)!

  11. my husband does something without being asked or he compliments me in public. I feel so special and proud to be his wife!

  12. When all my husband can say after sex is “wow!” When I step out of the shower and my husband gazes at me adoringly. When he introduces me as his wife. When he brags about my cooking to others or compliments how I look or how clean the house is in front of other people.

  13. That’s my love language, too! My husband has done all the laundry for me today, and all I can think of is what a PERFECT way to show me you love me!!!

  14. I actually manage to give my husband a present he likes. Sadly one of his primary love languages is presents and I am not very skilled at picking that perfect item. Particularly when I trying to avoid bankrupting our budget.

  15. when my hubby says something nice about me in front of his friends.

  16. He introduces me as his wife. When I remember I’m the mother of his children. When his bosses thank him for working so hard. When he rocks our baby girl to sleep. When he moves to walk so that he is between the traffic and me to protect me.

  17. whenever he calls me his bride when he’s talking about me/introing me to his friends. :}

  18. definately agree with your first one, myself 😛 😀

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