Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One thing I don’t think I could ever do in bed is ______.



  1. Be on top, whether during foreplay or intercourse. The idea fascinates me, but once I’m in that position, everything just goes out the window. I’m just not comfortable with it :(. Sure I can still look hubby in the eyes and kiss him, but I’m not fond of the sensations. I really like when he’s on top and I can do those long slow strokes up and down his back.

    I know there are other women-on-top positions out there, not just the quintessential one that comes to mind. Maybe that’ll be the happy medium :).

  2. share it with anyone other than my DH

  3. rim, giving or getting, DH feels the same way so it is all hunky dory,

  4. Anal sex, it’s not a “I don’t think” it is an “I know I wouldn’t”

  5. S & M. Not into all the pain. A little spanking now and then but not the whole whips and chains bit.

  6. I really don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do in bed, outside of a threesome situation. Barring that I’ll try anything once, and so will he. We veiw the other as deserving our best, and that’s part of it.

  7. Well, I have had several of these throughout the years and each and every one has come crumbling down is a loving way with my wonderful husband. So, as long as its not something that violates God’s word, such as bringing in someone else or involving abuse, I’m game for anything eventually. Sometimes its just takes the right mindset and a little willingness on DH’s part to see if I am ok with something. Every time that he has wanted to do something more “daring” he hasn’t pushed, but lovingly taken me there and if I said no he stopped. But I rarely do because of the way I feel about him and the trust we have, it makes it so I know I can follow his lead. Some of my past “I’ll nevers” have been, wear a thong, anal sex, rimming (still can’t give that though), and swallowing. I still don’t do some of those often but they are a part of out sexual exploration. I have reached a place where I realize that there should be nothing I hold back from him as long as its just us and not abusive.

  8. I’m soooooo with you, Ari-Chan. I hate being on top. It feels funky…. no, unpleasant.

    Like, my body is shaped incorrectly, or something.

  9. Weird angles too. I feel for ya.

  10. Anal! Everything else (aside from the things that go against God) I am either willing to try ..or just don’t prefer but not completely against it.

  11. Anall sex. I don’t know, it just seems like God did not design our bodies for that. Maybe that’s just me.

  12. rimming… although i do want to try anal, i don’t like the thought of rimming…either giving or receiving! but that barrier my come down like all the others… what has turning 40 done to me??? hee hee

  13. same with me. …and rimming… but luckily hub and i have the same preferences 😛 😀

  14. Anal does not excite me in the least. And while I do like him rimming me (which is new for us) I could never do it to him.

  15. get into any sexual position that requires flexibility. I don’t bend very well at the hips. It limits our options a bit.

  16. rimming. I’ll try just about anything else.

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