Weekly poll #94: Would you consider having breast augmentation or reduction surgery?


  1. As of now, I love my boobs just the way they are! šŸ˜‰

  2. Well I actually went to see a dr not to long ago just not sure I want to deal with the recovery seems kinda long plus they said it doesn’t last forever which kinda stinks! I still do think about one day doing a lift and small implants though!!!

  3. I lost about 40 lbs and it seems that the majority of my breast tissue is now below the nipple. I wouldn’t go for a size increase…I am a 32C….but I would like the tops filled out more. I am not for sure doing it but I may

    I also have “twin skin” on my belly. Fashion designers could use the draping of my skin as inspiration…blech. I have scheduled a tummy tuck because the rest of me is fit but I am unhappy with my belly. I look forward to a flat belly, wearing belly revealing lingerie not worrying that my tankini top will ride up and expose what is underneath.

  4. No. I’m a DD and unless they start to seriously hurt my back I will stay a DD. Now, if after I have kids they sag a lot I’ll have them pulled up, but I’ll never have anything fake put in.

  5. i would love to “go bigger” for just during sex šŸ™‚ but i don’t want them bigger all the time… and i fear something going wrong with the procedure and having permanent damage. i like the way they “work” now.

  6. I don’t necessarily want an augmentation or reduction. I just want a lift. After nursing 3 babies they need some help.

  7. After Iā€™m done having babies, Iā€™m getting a breast lift. Husband has already giving me his blessing for the procedure.

  8. I’ve thought about it, but H said I look great. I’m a 36b at age 51. I work out and feel pretty good about rest of my body. Well, except my legs look like roadmaps (bad, bad, bad veins). But this is not an issue with my H. I think we women have more issues with our bodies than they ever will.

  9. Have any of you women tried bulking up your pectorals?
    Doing free weight exercises or things like push ups can help
    Lift the breast as well as maybe tightening up the skin of the breast.
    If you haven’t considered/attempted this I would suggest at least thinking about it.

  10. I’d consider having a reduction – after my baby, with nursing, I reached a J. Bra’s are expensive at that size – I’m fairly certain it’d pay itself off so fast. What with cup size changing and rib cages expanding and shrinking…

  11. I’m a 36F so yes they will be changed one of these days. However breastfeeding is very important to me so I won’t touch them until we know there is no possibility for surprise children. Right now I don’t know if we are done having babies.

  12. After breast feeding 3 babies, I had a BA. Before BA, I was very flat and floppy 34AA. Now I am a small 34D. I do not regret it one bit!!! I feel very confident with and without closes and my husband loves them. I know it is not for everyone but I would not hesitate to do it again. I don’t see it any different than getting your hair colored or having your teeth fixed with braces (although I realize surgery is more serious). Do your research ladies if you are thinking about it and make sure you like and trust your Dr.

  13. I had a reduction last year and it was a great decision for me. I had finished having and nursing my babies and was at a point where I could only special order my bras, blech. I didn’t realize at the time how much back and neck pain I had daily until it was gone. My advice is to be sure that you want it because the recovery process was pretty tough. I could not lift my arms above my head for the first week, leaving my mom to wash my hair, help me dress, etc. God bless my mommy. (I kept dh out of it because I wanted him to see my breasts only in their “proper” way and didn’t want him to have the image of bruised, stitched body parts in his mind) After that it was a full 5 weeks before I could lift anything, including my toddler. We had to make accommodations to get stuff done, but I don’t regret it for a second.

  14. There was no option for “I wish I were larger/smaller I just don’t want to undergo surgery to achieve that result.” I’m a 36AA (sometimes a 36AAA) and I’ve generally wished I were larger. My husband has urged me to have breast augmentation surgery. I just don’t want to do open myself up to the adverse effects of surgery.

  15. DON”T DO IT FOR HIM. If you want to do it, do it for you and because that’s what you want, but don’t do because you think he’ll be more attracted to you if you do. If he would rather you undergo painful surgery to have a couple pieces of plastic put into your body than love you the way you are than maybe you guys should talk to a minister or counselor or something. No one should ever encourage someone they love to get surgery just for appearances. That’s valuing looks above health, and that’s not good in a marriage.

  16. I have given this some thought. I would like to have it but not go like huge just a nice full C cup. My husband on the other hand loves them the way they are. So I guess they gonna stay the A cups I was born to have.

  17. I am overall satisfied with the way God made me. I generally don’t mind my breasts, but my husband wouldn’t mind if they were a bit bigger. The thing that gets to me is the way they are different sizes.. there can be a full cup size difference depending on the day. I am insecure about it, but I have never and probably will never consider surgery.

  18. I am a 40C & I love my “girls”! However after 3 kids they are not nearly as perky as I would like. I don’t want silicone or anything I just want them back where they were… without losing any size. I am plus size & want to lose weight but I jokingly use the excuse that if I lose weight I’ll loose my boobs. Yes, that’s just an excuse, I’m aware of that. ;0)

  19. Most of my life I wanted larger breasts – I was a 32B. I met my husband and he talked me out of it. When I put on some weight I became a 34C. I liked my breasts better during sex but hated them the rest of the time – the bouncing and the way they were in the way – I don’t know how you D and up ladies do it! I have recently lost 18 pounds and am back to a B cup. I feel like I have nothing there but it is handy not having them in the way. More and more I am accepting how God has made me, although I do wear push up bras with lots of padding so….

  20. I’d love, love, love a lift! I think that’s technically a reduction? Hubby might be okay with it, although I’ve never asked. But, financially it’s not feasible right now:( You never know, maybe someday!

  21. That’s me! I really don’t like how they are sitting lately!!

  22. My answer seems to depend on the day and my mood. I would love to be a 36C, but I haven’t seen that since nursing days. Like several others, I really only think about how fun they would be – looking sexy for my H! I don’t need them for me to feel pretty. I try not to feel the need to have them in order to be sexy for my H. My H loves me the way that I am, but do we ever stop wondering how much more they would enjoy us if we had more to offer? Wish I had my answer – this has been a real struggle for me over the years.

    So, if money weren’t an issue…maybe. I hate the though of disappearing for a time and coming home to friends looking different. “So, what is it that is different?” UGH
    I don’t want to feel like I am telling God He messed up, so for today and the mood I am in right now – I want to be content with how I’m built. I will do my push-ups and pray for great fat placement!!!

  23. That’s exactly the poll option I was looking for! I’m a 32B/34A (depends on the bra… I have a hard time finding ones that fit right). When I’m pregnant/breastfeeding they go up to an awesome, full 34B (almost a C) and the fun of that is pretty intoxicating… makes it hard to go back to pancake-flabby A cups again. However, I’m afraid that surgery would make them feel unnatural, that they’d be too delicate to really “enjoy” in bed, and that if I get pregnant again the surgery will make breastfeeding complicated. And I just don’t know if I want to undergo surgery, with all the expense, pain and recovery, for something I’m ok without.

  24. This is such a personal decision! I had augmentation about 6 years ago, and it was the best thing we’ve ever done! We both wanted it – during breastfeeding, I was so voluptuous my hubby & I LOVED it. After all the babies & feeding, I was sad & empty up there. Now, I’m full & firm again. One of the main reasons I did it was that I was wearing padded bras all the time, because they made me feel so sexy, but at “night,” when they came off, so did the sexy feelings. I wanted to feel that way all the time, and now I do.

    I’ve had no difficulties post-surgery, and my recovery time was fairly easy. I completely don’t regret it!

  25. Never. I’m a 36A and plan to stay there forever. DH thinks they’re perfect, I’ve never had self-image problems with them. Besides, there are major health risks to augmentation (not sure about reduction).

    The idea of augmenting to feel sexy for your husband strikes me as not the greatest thought process… I worry about those women whose husbands GENUINELY believe smaller breasts are a defect. But if not… well, to each their own, I guess. XD

  26. I had augmentation 17 yrs ago and my right one collapsed 2 years ago within a few days. I haven’t had it fixed yet as we have had more pressing things to take care of. I made a few fake forms out of foam but will probably have them both removed in the near future. DH would have prefered I didn’t get them in the first place but wanted me to be happy (I was an A cup before). Part of me will miss them, but I no longer need them.

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