Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


If I had a magical body eraser, I’d love to erase ______.



  1. My sun spots and spider veins!!!

  2. About 100 lbs! I think it went on overnight. Shouldn’t it come off as easily as it went on? The joys of middle age and slower metabolisms!

  3. My stretch marks. They drive me crazy. I wish there was some magic thing to get rid of them. Ugh!

  4. stretch marks and sun spots!

  5. my twin skin. crepey drapey nastiness on my lower ab area.

  6. The massive amount of unwanted, thick, dark hair on my face. Or for that matter – all over my body. I also struggle quite a bit with acne, but the hair is most embarrassing and still unresolved.

  7. All the extra fat and stretch marks.

  8. Moles. Someday I hope to go to Dr. Mole Eraser.

  9. Hair! Wouldn’t it be great to never have to shave legs, bikini, underarms again. Think of the time it would save and having soft, hairless skin all the time!:)

  10. My stretch marks! We have 4 daughters, 2 of them weighed over 9 lbs. and 1 weighed over 11. After nursing and all, the stretch marks really bother me. If I had any eraser left I’d use it to take the last 5-10 lbs. off my tummy and thighs! Our youngest is now 6 so perhaps I’d better just be more dedicated to my exercising :o)

  11. Stretch marks on my stomach, thank you gift from my children!!

  12. about 60 lbs. of pure lard that has managed to cover my whole body. I’m so glad for summer time, and the opportunity to get outside and get some exercise. I need to change my eating habits as well. ” I can do all things through Christ who gives my strength.” Phillipians 4:13

  13. sun damage on my face and the hair that i have to shave.

  14. Another vote for weight here. I’m going to start exercising once I’m done with my postpartum recovery but I wish I could make it go faster.

  15. I would erase all the ugly veins on my legs….the fat on the inside of my thighs and stomach,and under my chin…. after some thought…I’m happy to be healthy with a loving husband and since there is no magic eraser…I’m happy to be alive! In the big scheme of things…life is good! 🙂

  16. I agree! I didn’t have moles until I turned 30… now they are popping up in the strangest places! ;0)

  17. Just one thing? I would erase all the unwanted body hair! Seriously, does anyone else have to shave their stomach?? It is dark, thick, course hair (on pale white skin), so this happy trail stubble is NOT very pretty! Lol. I’ve tried waxing before, and it just does not work for me.
    I don’t have any kids yet.. so I can’t blame my body hair, belly, stretch marks, etc on pregnancy! Oh well. :/

  18. regarding all the weight comments, i’ve recently discovered the fitness classes called ‘zumba’. (kindve a hip-hop latin dance class) I love it (and i hate exercise classes). its fun, makes you feel sore (in a good way) and the classes are so quick paced that it feels like its over quickly!

  19. i would erase some stomach fat and make my upper arms smaller.

  20. Sun damage

  21. The stretch marks on my boobs, thighs, butt and stomach. It might be worth it if my boobs could have stayed that size…

  22. Yup, dark hair, light skin – shows big time and yes I shave my “treasure trail”.

  23. Cellulite

  24. The belly flubber left behind after this last baby. But it’s only been a month – time will probably do some of the erasing for me…just not quite fast enough.

  25. Body hair, definitely. I agree with an earlier comment, how nice it would be to never have to shave and/or wax again!

  26. Love Zumba but I love to dance so it gives me the opportunity to do something I don’t get to do very often anymore!

  27. Stretch marks!

  28. stretchmarks.

  29. varicose veins
    my legs look like road maps

  30. Stretch marks. Mine are everywhere and deep. Even if I lose weight they will still be there.

  31. Cellulite, stretch marks, blackheads, body hair. We didn’t have to choose just one, did we???? 🙂

  32. All my “wobbly bits”. Except for my breasts, of course. They are pretty wobbly, but they’re supposed to be!

  33. I was going to answer with all the usual, but caught myself just in time. I would erase nothing. I would pray that I would have the self control to love and embrace what years of weight loss and child birth have made me. Every stretch mark, every extra crease, every extra bump is a testimony. So I would erase nothing. I would hope though, with all my heart, that DH sees each of these things for what they signify. He says he does, but being a woman, I often find it hard to believe

  34. I’d take off the extra fat around my middle and thighs. I’ve been thinking about going the liposuction route, but I like the line down the middle of my stomach, and I don’t want to lose it. A magic eraser would be so much easier though, lol.

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