Weekly poll #95: How often would YOU like to make love?


  1. It used to be once a week was fine. For the past 9 months, I need to make love at least every other day or I start getting grumpy. I would love it if we would make love every day, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

  2. 2-3 times a day in a perfect world. I would’ve answered any and every time he’s up for it, but I want it more than he does.

  3. I would LIKE to want it every single day.. but my libido says once or twice a month. We typically ML a couple times a week. I really wish he would ask for it more though, because I know HE wants it more (and it’s harder for me to initiate when I’m not “in the mood”). 🙂

  4. I would like to ML once a day. My husband is more of an “every other day or two” kind of guy. I tend to get grumpy if it’s been 3 days. 🙂

  5. I’m now the last option 🙂 i’ve recently made a promise to my DH to never say no, for the past 13 days we have been intimate in some way 12 of those day. we’ve done 8 in a row and i dont see why we won’t be able to tonight. we have 3 kids 5, 3 and 1. life is very busy, but it is so freeing knowing its just part of daily activities like eating or enjoying tv, but it is far more fun, and i never thought i’d be able to do it, but here I am and i’m really proud of myself that i am doing it for him and also loving it!

  6. I would like to every day, but it’s hard to get my hubby to even once a week. It’s kinda lame cuz I will feel disconnected and grumpy and kinda emotional, after about day two, so when it’s been two to three weeks I’m kinda a wreck.

  7. All the time!!! I love my H, and we have SOOOOO much fun! I love my 30’s!! My H is so generous and gentle – it makes me very content!

  8. I would like to ML at least once a day, if not twice. The more I have it, the more I want it. My husband is definitely the kind of guy that needs it every other or every 2 days to be satisfied. If we wait too long, he ends up going too quickly for me and its a bummer. 😦 I end up being the one to initiate because I really want to be connected that way each day or I get grumpy and moody. Our best time to have sex is in the afternoon before we are both too tired, since we both work from home. There is good and bad to this, since we see each other all day, its hard to say “I missed and wanted you.”

  9. I would have said once a day last year, and maybe I will again, but lately I’ve just been grateful for the chances we have. With work commitments. my sister’s wedding, a miscarriage and a 6 month old, we don’t get a lot of oppurtunity.

  10. If I could, I would like it 4 times a day and all day at least one day a week.

    As he is getting older, he takes more time to recover, but he makes sure I pop at least once a day. Rarely does he leave the house or let me fall asleep without playing with me first. When he does leave me idle, it builds an incredible tension that I have learned to enjoy. I can self play, but it does not meet the emotional need, so it is not the same. He knows I do it anyway, and it is a big turn on for him. I think it takes off some of the pressure to know that as much as I want him, I can wait until it is his idea. Only I can be quite manipulating, in trying to give him the idea. It isn’t much of a tease, when he knows I am so willing. I wish I could play hard to get, but it never works. The best I can do is to tease when circumstances outside our control make playing imposible.

  11. I put every time my hubby wants it! In my mind, I want to want sex, but physically I’m a once a week kinda person. So to be ready and willing every time he wants it, which is multiple times a day for the most part, that would be a real blessing!

  12. It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth! Hang in there, girl!

  13. I voted a few times a week…however I would do it any and every time my DH wanted it but he just wants it less than I do.

  14. It never gets to two or three weeks but I definitely want it more than my hubby, usually every other day. Everything out there you read talks about how the man wants it so much more than the woman…hogwash! Since entering my 30’s I have been wanting it constantly and he is always too tired, or doesn’t get in the mood until we climb into bed. I initiate it ALL the time and am starting to get so frustrated.

  15. I answered “any time he wants it”, because I would *like* to feel that way. I’m on the journey of awakening, and this is a goal I plan to reach, so ‘saying it out loud’ is a step in the right direction. :*)

  16. Just to have time to be able to play sexually several times a day would be great! I never want my husband to ever feel unloved, unwanted, unneeded, undesired. I always want him to know I want him and that he can have me any time he desires. Time seem the biggest constraint in our lives, life just gets to darn busy sometimes and we have to take a step back and slow down.

  17. Been there… done that … pray about it, don’t get frustrated. You’re just wasting your emotional energy. Keep initiating. Then go absolutely crazy when he finally initiates. I don’t mean like “it’s about time…” crazy. I mean like “you’re the hottest man in the world, and I just love it when you let me know that you desire me” crazy. Trust me on this one. Pray for him and keep initiating sex. He needs you to for now. More than likely, this is just for a season, and with your proper response, it will pass soon.

  18. I can’t answer this question because there is no possible answer for me in the poll:). I’m very capricious:( and I don’t like me for this. Sometimes I’d like to make love every day, but there are long periods when once in three or four weeks is ok. In between there are times when I like it once per week. Is there anybody like me? I’m in my 30s and I don’t think this is normal for somebody of my age.

  19. I find this pattern to be based on what is going on in my life at the time. When life is not so busy and stressful, when I have more time to myself, I find I want it more. When life takes off and gets crazy, I want it less. We both are like that, but we both initiate when we want it and the other always makes time so it all work out in the end. So I would say yes to your Q about it being normal.

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