Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


My husband likes me to ______, but I prefer to ______.



  1. be aggresive…….play coy

  2. Initiate sex……. be seduced.

  3. (Would like me)to finish him orally…. to go nowhere near there with my mouth

  4. jayla, i don’t know you, your history, how long you’ve been married, or anything, but if you’ve never tried oral, i hope you’ll give it chance. the prospect of it can be overwhelming if you’ve never experienced it, but i love giving my husband oral. i haven’t mastered the technique or anything but the experience is still fun and your hubby will appreciate it. you def don’t have to swallow if thats the cause of your hesitation. maybe initiate showering together beforehand if cleaniness is the issue. anyway, good luck.

  5. I appreciate the encouragement. My husband has never made me do anything against my will or denied me of the pleasures I enjoy. He will sometimes ask me to try it (usually once a year around his birthday). I just can’t do it. Even if he doesn’t finish in my mouth the thought of the pre-ejaculate being getting in my mouth disgusts me. I just can’t do it. Id like to be able to do it for him because he is more than willing to go down on me to explore and pleasure me.

  6. If there is any kind of abuse in your past that has contributed to this feeling of disgust about OS, please seek help for it, not because of OS but so that you can be healed and free of the abuse. If not, I encourage you to pray about it and see if God helps you change your attitude toward doing this for your husband. I had absolutely no interest in it for years, but now enjoy doing this for my hubby. It is suprisingly “hot” for me. And, of course, he loves it! Also, you can start out small, just kissing him or touching him with your mouth. You don’t have to be some kind of expert! Let him know that you want to experiment with it but need to go slowly.

  7. Jayla — preacher’s bride is right. Sounds like your husband is willing to work with you. I would tell him that you want him to be really fresh, right out of the shower. Buy some lube in a flavor that you like. Start slow. It is amazing when you realize how much pleasure you can give him!

  8. We’re cheering for you Jayla! You can do it!! Ok, kidding a little, but really, don’t rule it out completely. Most likely we were all a bit nervous at first, but ended up enjoying it, simply because of how much our husbands enjoy it! I can’t handle the taste either, I literally start gagging, yeah, real attractive!! But you learn, when he starts throbbing, finish manually, he will still appreciate it!

  9. boy, jayla…. i bet you never thought your comment would inspire such commentary 🙂 i hope you’re not feeling overwhelmed by all the advice. none of us know you personally or your experiences. your husband loves/adores/appreciates you with or without the os. i believe, to my husband, os is complete/total acceptance of him. it may be different for different men. you know your husband. as long as you two have open communication and make your sexual choices together, your marriage ia a blessed one.

  10. I appreciate all the advice. To answer noe, there has been no abuse in my past. I was a virgin when I married and never fooled around before marriage and never experienced anything sexual until married. I just can’t get myself to overcome the objection in my mind to place my mouth on the head of his penis. We’ve been married over 12 years and my husband has never demanded that I do this. In fact, he has been very willing to bring me to orgasm orally several times a month. He doesn’t expect me to do the same but on occasion asks if I think Ill be able to do the same for him. I will kiss and/or lick the base of his penis but have no desire to go near the head. I really have no desire to do it but I’m afraid someday he will get frustrated since I don’t reciprocate what he does for me.

  11. I totally understand it being a mind thing. My first husband had expectations and I hated OS. I am on my second marriage and have been happily married for 15yrs. My husband does not expect this but I love doing this for him. But that took many years. At first it was something I just did to please him but over time found that I love to do it. He never finishes in my mouth but at this point in time I am not opposed to it. If you have no biblical reasons for it, then you should give it a try. One suggestion I would make that I have not seen above is to get some flavoured condoms. That way you can please your hubby but you do not have to have direct contact with the head of the penis. This would be a great first step and maybe over time you can try it el naturel.

  12. great idea, laura!

  13. I felt the same way for the first several years of marriage, but the hesitation was due to the “good girl syndrome” and I just had to work through that. As others have said, even if it’s not your favorite thing to do (it has become one of my favorite ways to please DH), consider offering it as a gift to your husband, at least occasionally. I promise you he will feel even more loved by you because of your desire to please him, which in turn will cause him to want to please you more! A win-win!!

  14. My husband likes me to show everything, but I prefer to cover some things up!

  15. Right there with ya!

  16. i’m in the exact same boat you’re in jayla 😛 …and luckily the exact same kind of husband. 😛

  17. that’s a really good idea laura… 🙂

  18. I understand your thoughts and feelings about your hubby’s ejaculation going in your mouth. I’ve only performed oral on my hubby once and I’m really hoping to get the chance to do it again. Maybe you and your husband can work out something in the middle that you can build up to before you go fully oral. Personally, I prefer giving my hubby a hand job before we finally engage in intercourse. Bottom line is open communication. I’m pretty sure your hubby will work with you and find a starting point both of you are comfortable with. 🙂

  19. My husband likes me to swallow… or at least catch it in my mouth more often then not. But I would prefer to NOT be disgusted by the texture (taste, smell, etc.) so that I could actually enjoy swallowing! (Meaning, I WANT to swallow for him, I just can’t get past certain things that turn me off to it.) Hopefully someday! 🙂

  20. My husband sometimes has no appreciation for lingerie or sexy outfits because “they’re just going to end up thrown in a corner of the room anyway, so why bother.” But I think I look cuter with them ON! Lol.

  21. My DH likes variety. I like to ML the same way.

  22. for me to always give him oral first to get things started………..I like to do that only 1/2 the time to get things started.

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